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Norway introduces quarantine obligation for travelers from the Netherlands
Travelers from the Netherlands must be quarantined for ten days upon arrival in Norway. Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg has just announced this. This measure also applies to travelers from Poland, Malta, Iceland, Cyprus, the Faroe Islands and parts of Sweden and Denmark.

Norwegians are still requested not to travel abroad if possible. Solberg reiterated this advice today. In the Scandinavian country itself, 357 new corona infections came to light last week. That is the largest increase since April, but the number is still lower than the record of 1,773 in March.

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Employers want
employees to be tested immediately after contact with corona patients. Employers' organizations VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland want employees to be tested immediately if they have come into contact with corona patients. In this way, the organizations want to prevent employees from having to spend a long time in home quarantine, because that costs employers a lot of money. Read  more here .

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Mandatory masks for visitors to Designer Outlet Roermond
Designer Outlet Roermond obliges shoppers to wear a mouth mask during their visit. This concerns all visitors aged thirteen and older. The measure applies from today. Designer Outlet Roermond is one of the few shopping centers in the Netherlands where a mouth cap is now mandatory. 

"The health and well-being of our customers, employees and store personnel are our most important priority and we closely follow the most recent guidelines of the RIVM", the general manager told 1Limburg . He announced that the decision was taken after consultation with the security region and the mayor of Roermond. The regional broadcaster also reports that visitors will receive mouth masks free of charge until August 19.

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Chamber critical and surprised about government
response to increase in corona infections The House of Representatives has responded with astonishment to the government's actions after the number of corona infections has increased in recent weeks. On Wednesday in the parliamentary debate there was again criticism of the unclear communication from the cabinet. Read on  here . (Photo:  Pro Shots )

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"The new location is much more spacious than the previous location and therefore has more test capacity and possibilities for possible future upscaling," said GGD IJsselland.

GGD IJsselland will open a new test location for testing for the corona virus in Deventer on Friday 14 August, namely at Hannoverstraat 2. This location replaces the test location on Schonenvaardersstraat which will close after Thursday 13 August.

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Corona infection in player of Spanish football club FC Barcelona
The Spanish football giant FC Barcelona has announced that one player has tested positive for COVID-19. A total of nine players were tested on the eve of the preseason. 

According to the football club, there is an asymptotic infection and the player is making up for the circumstances. The identity has not been disclosed, according to FC Barcelona, ​​the footballer is in quarantine.

Barcelona is still active in the Champions League. The player has not been in contact with team members who are traveling to Portugal for the next game against Bayern Munich in Germany.

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Youth campsite Appelhof will close next week
Youth campsite Appelhof on Terschelling will close next week, the owner told Dagblad van het Noorden . That is two weeks earlier than usual. Earlier today, the GGD announced that two guests have become infected with the corona virus. The three hundred young people who still have a reservation will get their money back. The campsite currently has eight hundred guests.

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Follow the debate about the developments surrounding the corona virus here

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House of Representatives starts with corona debate
The House of Representatives is now starting a debate about the corona policy due to the increasing number of infections. The summer recess has been interrupted today for this.

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Two infections at the Appelhof youth campsite on Terschelling
Two visitors to the Appelhof youth campsite on Terschelling have tested positive for the corona virus. This happened after they were back home, reports GGD Friesland. The North Holland youngsters were still at the campsite last week.

According to the GGD, it is possible that they got infected on the campsite or infected other guests in the first week of August. That is why other young people, who were also at the campsite last week, are urged to have themselves tested in case of complaints. This request also applies to young people who are still staying at the campsite.

The test capacity on Terschelling is being scaled up as a precaution, so that everyone can test themselves quickly. This preventive measure is mainly aimed at the youth campsite. The source and contact investigation does not reveal that the two infected youngsters had contact with risk groups. Also, the employees of the GGD do not have the impression that the corona patients have had close contacts outside the vicinity of the campsite.

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'Increase in infections in Belgium is leveling off'
The Belgian National Crisis Center reports that more than 4,000 new corona infections have come to light in seven days. That is an increase of 12 percent from a week earlier. Now an average of 604 people are tested positive every day. There were 536. 

The experts of the crisis center see that the increase in the number of infections has been leveling off for a few days. There are regional differences, they emphasize. For example, the number of new infections is declining in the provinces of Antwerp, Limburg and Luxembourg, while an increase has been observed in the Brussels-Capital Region. Therefore, a masking obligation has been announced for this area.

The National Crisis Center also reports that there were 48 hospital admissions yesterday. That is the highest number since the end of May. Eleven recordings took place in Antwerp, twelve in the Brussels-Capital Region. Virologist Steven Van Gught of Sciensano, the Belgian RIVM, emphasizes that people should remember that the corona virus is still dangerous.

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On Tuesday night, theaters and stages along the Thames turned red to support the events industry. The corona measures threaten to lose millions of jobs in the sector.

London turns red to support event industry

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RIVM buys extra flu vaccines because of corona
Because of COVID-19 it is expected that more people will get a flu shot this year. For this reason, RIVM has purchased more flu vaccines. Because of this, the turnout with the flu shot can be 10 percent higher than normal.

According to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, RIVM has purchased "as many" flu vaccines as possible. The flu shot does not protect against the corona virus. Globally, there is more demand for the flu shot, because the risk group for flu and COVID-19 is largely the same and because countries want to prevent the care being burdened extra by a possible flu epidemic.

With the amount of vaccines that the RIVM has purchased, the number of people who come to get a flu vaccine after a call can be 10 percent higher than normal. If the number of people getting the flu shot this year is even higher, there may be insufficient vaccines.

You will be called for influenza vaccination if you are at greater risk of a severe course of the flu. These are, for example, all people over the age of sixty, people with respiratory diseases such as asthma and people with diabetes. They receive the injection for free.

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Germany reports 1,226 new infections
Germany today has 1,226 new corona infections , according to figures from the Robert Koch Institute. This is the largest increase since May 9. Health Minister Jens Spahn says in the radio program  Deutschlandfunk  that most outbreaks have to do with returning holidaymakers and family gatherings.

According to Spahn, the developments are "very worrying". He says that citizens must remain cautious to prevent the further spread of the corona virus. Multiple outbreaks have been reported throughout Germany. The country now has a total of 218,519 infections. The death toll has risen by six in the past 24 hours to 9,207.

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From now on, appointments for corona tests can also be made online . It is also possible to view the results of the test online. People with a positive result will still be called by the GGD.

As of today, anyone with (mild) complaints related to the corona virus can make a test appointment online and view the results of the corona test via This is an addition to 0800–1202. This number can be reached every day from 08:00 to 20:00.

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The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has just tightened the travel advice for Malta. Orange advice now applies to the country (only necessary travel). The country introduced new measures last week due to an increase in the number of new infections.

Travel advice #Malta: Due to the increased number of corona infections, an 'orange' advice applies as of today. Tourist travel is not recommended. Are you in Malta now? Then the urgent advice is to go into home quarantine for 14 days when you return home.

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Singapore reports lowest number of infections since the end of March
Singapore today reports 42 new corona infections . That is the lowest number since March 29. Singapore went into lockdown in mid-April after the coronavirus spread among the many migrants sharing dormitories. Last week it was announced that all these dormitories, where about 300,000 migrants are staying, are free of the virus. (Photo:  Pro Shots )

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It is compulsory
to wear a mouth mask in all of Brussels Everyone aged twelve and over must now wear a mouth mask in all public places and places open to the public in Brussels. The measure was introduced because the signal value of 50 infections per 100,000 inhabitants has been exceeded. Wearing a mouth mask has already been made compulsory in Antwerp.

📢 Wearing a mouth mask will be mandatory from today throughout the Brussels territory. More info:

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Debate in House of Representatives on corona policy
Today, the House of Representatives is interrupting the summer recess to debate on corona policy, because the number of infections is increasing rapidly. Last week the counter was at over 4,000 new cases and in the week before there were more than 2,500. For that reason, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge already held an extra press conference last week for the announcement of additional measures. The debate starts at 11.15 am and can be followed live on

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Singer Trini Lopez (83) died from coronavirus
If I had a hammer singer Trini Lopez died at the age of 83 in his hometown of Los Angeles on Tuesday. The singer, who still performed in 2013 during André Rieu's concerts in the Netherlands, died of the consequences of the corona virus. Read more here . (Photo:  BrunoPress )

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Deadliest day in Australia to date: 21 corona-related deaths
Wednesday was the deadliest day of Australia's COVID-19 outbreak so far, with 21 deaths. The previous peak dates from earlier this week, when nineteen corona patients died.

Australia also reported 410 new infections on Wednesday, ending the series of less than 400 new infections per day. For three days, the number of new infections remained below four hundred.

Last week, new measures were taken in Melbourne, Australia's second largest city. This happened after a sharp rise in the number of new infections was reported there. In total, Australia has 22,000 confirmed infections and 352 deaths.

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New Zealand proposes dissolution of parliament for new elections
New Zealand has postponed the dissolution of parliament, an important step in the run-up to the elections, due to new corona measures in the country. Since four new COVID-19 infections were recently identified, a new lockdown has been declared in the country.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that no decision has yet been taken on a possible postponement of the elections.

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More than five thousand corona patients died in Argentina
The death toll from the corona virus has passed five thousand in Argentina. The government will report this on Wednesday. Since the relaxation of measures in various regions, the number of new infections started to rise again.

In Argentina, a total of 5,004 people have now died from the effects of the virus and 7,043 new infections were reported on Wednesday. This brings the total number of infections to 260,911.

This happened despite strict measures in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires, the center of the outbreak in Argentina.

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The most important corona news of Tuesday, August 11


  • People who have been in close contact with a corona patient are obliged to go to home quarantine, Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) announced. Now that is still "urgent advice". The penalty you will receive if you fail to quarantine will be announced later.
  • From Thursday immediately after midnight, an entry ban will again apply to travelers from Morocco in the Netherlands. This has to do with the increased number of infections in that country. Only people who have made an essential journey are allowed to enter the Netherlands.
  • In the past week, 4,036 people in the Netherlands tested positive for the corona virus, about 56 percent more than the week before. At that time it was still more than 2,500 new infections.
  • The number of hospital admissions is, however, lagging behind. Jaap van Dissel of the RIVM thinks this is because relatively more younger people are now infected than in previous months. They struggle less often with underlying health problems and therefore need to be admitted relatively less often. 
  • This week, the RIVM is publishing an advice on self-quarantine. This could possibly be shortened from fourteen to ten days, but that is still uncertain, Van Dissel emphasizes.
  • In order to be able to use source and contact research efficiently, the Dutch must have themselves tested for the corona virus more quickly, says Van Dissel. Currently, it takes nearly four days for people identified in the source and contact research to get tested. 

  • The Russian Ministry of Health has given the green light for the introduction of a first COVID-19 vaccine. Once the final test phases have been completed, the country wants to be the first country to embark on a large-scale vaccination campaign. World Health Organization WHO has asked Russia for permission to examine the vaccine.
  • New domestic infections have been confirmed for the first time in 102 days in New Zealand. The authorities have identified the COVID-19 virus in four members of the same household. According to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, it is unclear how family members contracted the virus.

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