With the arrival of autumn, you can notice new colors, sizes and, above all, new flavors on the candy shelves of the shops.

Novelties are coming in candy bags, bars and chocolate bars. We consisted of new products from Fazer, Cloetta and Orkla.

Add smaller chocolate bars

Fazer introduces new products to the chocolate side, among other things.

The range is complemented by, for example, Karl Fazer White Chocolate 131 g plate. The new product is sold in perhaps Fazer's best-known chocolate bar size, 200 grams.

Photo: Fazer

The Karl Fazer White & Milk Chocolate plate, which is already on the market, will also change to the same, smaller size, the company's press release states.

So is Fazer moving to smaller chocolate bar sizes in its production?

- The new recordings will not replace the traditional 200 gram records, but will remain the same. In the smaller size category, we already have Fazerina and Pätkis records in production, and the new products for the autumn will come to this series, says Liisa Eerola from Fazer's communications.

In the autumn, the classic series will have a new taste of orange crocant.

Photo: Leena Koskela

New for lovers of licorice, chocolate and pungent flavors

Fazer is also launching a new flavor for a larger record set, complemented by the Karl Fazer Orange Crocant 200 g record.

Photo: Fazer

There will also be a space-themed Remix Galaxy bag, a Karl Fazer Crunchy 55 g toffee bar and a Fazer Licorice Chocolate Tyrkisk Peber 135 g combination bag.

Photo: Fazer

The Cloetta brand, known for its Malaco, Sisu and Yankee brands, among others, will launch new products for licorice shelves in the autumn.

There are also two new bag bags coming soon.

Photo: Cloetta

Another novelty is the Lakusekoitus bag, which is assembled from SukuLaku, PusPus and BisBis refill pieces.

In addition, the stores will have a traditional AllSorts English licorice blend that has got a new, matte look on its packaging.

The new Sisu Potku lozenges are sugar-free press lozenges with a salmia coating.

Photo: Cloetta

Cloetta will also launch three new Malaco brand Gott & Blandat bags: the fierce Fizzypop & co and the wine rubber bags Original and Familie Guf. Gott & Blandat mixing bags are said to be popular in Sweden.

The popular Gott & Blandat mixing bags will arrive in Finland in the autumn.

Photo: Cloetta

Panda also makes its own contribution to the autumn delicacies.

- Our new products for the autumn are the White Chocolate blueberry crisp plate and the Hukkapussi chocolate confectionery bag, says Anna Willberg of Orkla Communications, which owns the Panda brand.

Photo: Panda

- Our selection includes our anniversary year product Hukkapussi Licorice & granule bag and Juhlalakritsi licorice jar.

The wasted bags contain sweets that have no defects or defects in taste and texture, but have differed slightly in size or color. In the past, they would have been lost.

Photo: Panda

“Candy factory and dentist have practically the same goal”

Finns taste sweet. Every Finn spends about 120 euros a year on sweets, while in 1990 the amount was about 58 euros, according to Source & Kitchen's press release.

The phenomenon can be explained, for example, by the general increase in income.

- Money no longer restricts consumption, even for younger consumers, as children also have payment applications on their mobile phones and their own payment cards, says Jarmo Kalliomäki from Lunapark Scandinavia Oy, who is responsible for importing sweets.

Candy bags are now available for sale even at phone shops - buying candy is easy.

Photo: Antti Hämäläinen / IS

The Candy Day concept seems to be gradually becoming a thing of the past - candy is reasonably allowed to be eaten on weekdays as well, as part of a varied diet.

- The candy factory and the dentist have practically the same goal. Candy should not be eaten continuously or in huge quantities at once. Recommendations related to diet and dental care can also be signed by the confectionery manufacturer, Jarmo Kalliomäki states in the press release.

Consumers also have demands - today the demand for vegan and gluten-free products is growing and the use of palm oil, for example, is critical.

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In addition, the use of renewable energy is of interest to buyers of the candy bag.

- Safety, ecological and ethical requirements will certainly be tightened, but in the end the most important thing is delicious taste.

Sources: Fazer, Cloetta and Orkla

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Photo: Fazer