In Iran, two men have been sentenced to ten years in prison for alleged spying for Western intelligence services. One of them was accused of having passed on information about nuclear and missile projects to Germany and Israel, said justice spokesman Gholam-Hussein Ismaili on Iranian state television. The other was charged with spying for Great Britain. He is said to have collected sensitive information from the Iranian banking and defense sector.

Massud M., who was convicted of espionage for Germany, is said to have spied as General Secretary of the Austrian-Iranian Society. He is accused of providing information on Iranian missiles, the nuclear field, nanotechnology and the medical field.

According to the Vienna Medical Association from last year, the over 70-year-old has Iranian and Austrian citizenship. The studied mechanical engineer was arrested and interrogated in January 2019 during a professional trip to Iran. His family is said not to have had any contact with him for weeks before learning of his detention. M. is said to have worked for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Siemens and two Austro-Russian space projects, among others.

Iran repeatedly arrests people whom it accuses of spying for other countries such as the USA or Israel. In July, the country executed a former Department of Defense employee allegedly working for the US CIA. A member of the Revolutionary Guard was also executed for allegedly providing the United States and Israel with information about General Kassem Soleimani, who was killed in a US drone attack.