Finnish spearmen Lassi Etelätalo and Topias Laine were bluntly left in jumbos with six and seven of the audience's greatest interests focused on Johannes Vetter's presuppositions.

South House’s best of 79.77 is at the same time the best of her season, but it didn’t bother the spearman, whose record in 2014 was thrown to 84.98.

- In these circumstances, it would have been possible to throw even record numbers, but it was quite far from it. Not the best of the season much to satisfy.

Etelätalo said there were problems with his legs throughout the season, which has affected the run. However, he believes the stick can fly farther in the Kaleva Games.

- 20 cent improvements in results don't really help. Hopefully there would be a bigger leap over the weekend.

Topias Laine, who threw 72.88 with his third, agreed on good conditions.

- The power was good, and it seemed that the record could have gone new. The throwing felt good, but there was a small problem with controlling the instrument, which ate up the meters.

Laine, 19, watched in amazement at Vetter's kitty.

- There must be a lot to learn when a guy throws that far, he said.