Sebastian Vettel’s final season at Ferrari’s F1 stable is coming up with quite a bit of suffering.

It has been known since May that Vettel will not continue in Ferrari’s bread next season. Even at that time, it was known that in the competitions of the current season, sparks could be seen between Vettel, known for his hot blood, and the Ferrari team, also known for his politics.

Vettel, who grabbed four championships at Red Bull, has failed in his mission at Ferrari, that is, to bring him the championship. And now Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc are in a stronger position in the stable than the German.

The race in Silverstone on Sunday was a sign of mutual frustration. That frustration has already led to rapa being thrown on both sides and in public.

Sebastian Vettel threatens to be left alone in a Ferrari.

Photo: Hoch Zwei / Zuma

At Silverstone, Vettel finished 12th in the time trial and also raced 12th in the race.

Vettel spinned right at the start of the race and froze as the GP progressed to mid-caste battles. The German star accused Ferrari of the wrong tactics. Vettel argued that the race strategy would have unexpectedly been changed in a less favorable direction than what had been agreed before the race.

According to Vettel, the decision to drive a short period on harder alloy tires “made no sense”. He was heard criticizing the strategy in his radio message during the race, saying “you know you’ve messed this up”.

Ferrari team manager Mattia Binotto harshly commented on what Sebastian Vettel said.

Photo: Hoch Zwei / Zuma

After the race, Ferrari’s team boss Mattia Binotto first recounted Vettel’s problems with the SF1000 in calm words, but then took a firm stance on the German’s speeches.

- He put his ring on the cobblestone and spinned. After that, the race was, so to speak, driving uphill.

- His race became more difficult right at the start. That was the key, and no strategy chosen, Binotti acknowledged, according to Autosport.

Vettel is 13th in the World Championships. His teammate Leclerc is fourth on the leaderboard.