Kimi Räikkönen, who turns 41 in October, has still not received any World Championship points this season with the slow Alfa Romeo.

Last weekend, Räikkönen was the last on the legendary track at Silverstone in the time of the 70th anniversary competition of the World Championship series. In the competition, Räikkönen was able to rise to 15th, but the points were again long.

- Alfa Romeo's situation looks super bad. The car is not good. In addition, they still suffer from how Ferrari has had to change its engine, former F1 driver Mika Salo told Ilta-Sanomat by phone.

Alfa Romeo uses Ferrari's F1 engines.

- It's closed on the car. Kim doesn’t have a terribly good motivation right now. Definitely doesn't feel good.

It has even been speculated in formula circles that Räikkönen will not necessarily continue through to the end. Salo does not believe in such a solution.

- If you are a professional, then certainly do not end the season in progress. However, I believe that this season will be over for Kim, Salo said.

- It is quite clear that it is difficult to find motivation to drive somewhere instead of 15. Kimi still drives pretty good races, but the pace is quite unhappy because of the car.

Salo hopes that Alfa Romeo’s second GP driver next season will be his own protector, 20-year-old Robert Shwartzman.

The young Russian talent’s chances of getting into Alfa Romeo are enhanced by the fact that he is a member of Ferrari’s driving academy.

Shwartzman is currently third in the F2 series.

- Shwartzman has had bad races lately, but I hope Alfa Romeo will take him as the second driver after this season, Salo said.

Salo has followed Shwartzman's development closely for a long time.

- I have been teaching him ever since he was 13 years old - and I will try to continue to teach. He is one of the drivers of SMP Racing. He has developed a lot over the last couple of years, grown up and started to use more sense in driving.