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New Zealand has not reported a new corona infection for a hundred days
In New Zealand, a hundred days passed without new corona infections on Sunday. There are still 23 active corona cases in the country, all of which are in isolation. A total of 1,219 people in New Zealand are or have been infected with the virus. 

At the beginning of June, the last corona patient in the country was  declared cured and all corona measures, except for border controls, were lifted. According to experts , the fact that the numbers are relatively small is partly due to the geographic location of New Zealand and the strict measures that the government took to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

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Economic emergency package in US despite stalled negotiations
US President Donald Trump signed four executive orders on Saturday that will bring a second economic emergency package for the corona crisis after negotiations about this in the US congress had failed.

The executive orders continue, among other things, temporary unemployment benefit, although it has been reduced from $ 600 a week to $ 400 a week. A quarter of this has to be paid by the individual states, but they are faced with large financial deficits and have already said they cannot afford this.

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Brazilian death toll with corona doubled to 100,000 in 50 days
In Brazil, the number of corona deaths passed 100,000 on Saturday evening and the number of corona infections reached 3 million. Experts expect the number of deaths and infections to only increase.

Between March and the end of June, Brazil recorded 50,000 corona deaths, which has doubled within 50 days. In the United States alone, there are more corona infections (4.9 million) and corona deaths (162,000).

Despite the record figures, the Brazilian government continues to announce new easing. For example, restaurants and shops are reopening in many cities and international air traffic has been allowed again since July 30. Read more here .

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Visitors to the beach in Bloemendaal must go home, the police reported. This was decided because too many people did not comply with the corona measures.

Currently, there are too many people on the beach of #Bloemendaal who do not follow the corona measures. The large crowds mean that the police, in consultation with the municipality and @vrkennemerland, are requesting beachgoers to leave the beach and go home. Everything calm

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Paris has since announced more about the duty to mask masks. The measure will initially apply for one month. Anyone who does not comply with the rule can be fined € 135. The masking obligation will only apply in certain busy places. Tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysees are not covered.

# COVID19 😷 | Le port du masque sera obligatoire à #Paris dans les zones à forte fréquentation de personnes à compter du lundi 10 août à 8h. plus the details consultez notre communiqué de presse 👇

AvatarAvatar Author: Préfecture de Police Moment of places 19: 29 - 8 August 2020

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The most important corona news from Saturday, August 8, the


  • In the past 24 hours, 486 new infections with the corona virus have come to light, according to data from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).
  • Germany will definitively cover the costs for corona patients from the Netherlands and other EU Member States who have been treated in Germany. 58 Dutch people were admitted to German hospitals.
  • Thousands of parents have still not returned their own contribution to childcare . They receive a refund because the childcare centers were temporarily closed for most children due to the corona crisis.
  • Two players from Willem II and Feyenoord have tested positive for the corona virus. For privacy reasons, it has not been disclosed which persons are involved.

  • The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued new travel advice for Aruba, Estonia and Latvia. The advice has changed from yellow (safety risks) to orange (only necessary trips).
  • German travelers returning from high-risk countries must be tested for the corona virus as of today. Those who refuse risk a fine of up to 25,000 euros. 
  • The English mouth caps duty has been expanded. A face mask is now mandatory in all buildings where many people come together. The English already had to wear masks in public transport, shops and some other locations.
  • Paris also imposes a duty of masking. From Monday, mouth masks must be worn in certain places in the city.
  • The American negotiations on a new aid package in the United States are failing. Democrats and Republicans have not come to an agreement.

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