On Saturday, Valtteri Bottas got to rejoice in the pole position after the time trials of the F1 Series 70th anniversary race in Silverstone, England.

A week earlier, Bottas lost to Lewis Hamilton in time by more than 0.3 seconds, but this time the showdown between Mercedes drivers turned in favor of the Finnish driver by 0.063 seconds.

According to Bottas, he and the stable had found something on the control side of the car that was clearly helpful.

- From last weekend onwards, we have been working on everything possible to improve the car. We’ve been able to find a little more in the adjustments, and at least for me in terms of driving as well, Bottas said of the website, according to Motorsport.

Bottas said he was much more confident after Friday’s workouts than a week earlier.

- Of course, I can't go into the details of the adjustments very much, but we have been able to improve the adjustments of the car for me.

Last weekend, Bottas went a little wrong in adjusting his car at times.

- It was not a bad car, but I hope that now it is optimized for both time trials and racing. The car was certainly better on time today than it was a week ago.

Bottas has now achieved 13 pole positions in his F1 career. Two of them have come from Silverstone.

On Sunday, we’ll see if Bottas ’race pace is enough to defeat Hamilton.

Results of Silverstone time trials

Formula One World Championship 5th race, British 70th anniversary GP time trials:

1) Valtteri Bottas Finland, Mercedes 1.25,154, 2) Lewis Hamilton Britain, Mercedes behind 0.063 seconds, 3) Nico Hülkenberg Germany, Racing Point –0.928, 4) Max Verstappen Netherlands, Red Bull –1,022, 5) Daniel Ricciardo Australia, Renault –1,143, 6) Lance Stroll Canada, Racing Point –1,274, 7) Pierre Gasly France, AlphaTauri –1,380, 8) Charles Leclerc Monaco, Ferrari –1,460, 9) Alexander Albon Thailand, Red Bull –1,515, 10) Lando Norris United Kingdom, McLaren -1,624,

11) Esteban Ocon France, Renault, 12) Sebastian Vettel Germany, Ferrari, 13) Carlos Sainz Jr. Spain, McLaren, 14) Romain Grosjean France, Haas, 15) George Russell Britain, Williams, 16) Daniil Kvjat Russia, AlphaTauri, 17) Kevin Magnussen Denmark, Haas, 18) Nicholas Latifi Canada, Williams, 19) Antonio Giovinazzi Italy, Alfa Romeo, 20) Kimi Räikkönen Finland, Alfa Romeo.

Starting order: 1) Bottas, 2) Hamilton, 3) Hülkenberg, 4) Verstappen, 5) Ricciardo, 6) Stroll, 7) Gasly, 8) Leclerc, 9) Albon, 10) Norris,

11) Vettel, 12) Sainz Jr., 13) Grosjean, 14) Ocon, 15) Russell, 16) Kvjat, 17) Magnussen, 18) Latifi, 19) Giovinazzi, 20) Raikkonen.

Ocon was penalized three starting squares for his run.