A video from the Poker Run boating event in front of Hanko shows how race boats are driving fast between pleasure boats. In the wild-looking video, a large race boat flies by force into the air after a collision.

According to the Gulf of Finland Coast Guard, the racing boat and the pleasure boat collided in the incident. Two people were injured in the accident, one of them seriously. He died of his injuries, police later reported. One of the injured is in hospital.

According to the Coast Guard, there was one person in the race boat and four in the pleasure boat at the time of the accident. Both injured were from a pleasure boat.

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After the accident, the incident was suspended. The Accident Investigation Board (OTKES) has started a preliminary investigation into the events in Hanko.

- Site researchers are going to the scene today, says Tiina Bieber, Communications Manager at OTKES.

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The audience has been amazed at how the Poker Run took care of safety gaps for the audience.

- First of all, there are no race boats competing here. We have a speed measurement in an area that is closed for speed driving. There has been an accident. We are currently waiting for more information from the authorities, says Petri Järvinen, the organizer of the Poker Run.

There were four people on board the pleasure boat at the time of the accident.

Photo: Kirsi Larkiala / Reader's photo

Järvinen emphasizes that no race has been run in the area, but the speed of the boats has been measured by radar.

- There have been properly arranged safety distances for the public, Järvinen assures.

The situation room reported a medium-sized water traffic accident at 12.48.