A wild car dealership was made in Lempäälä this week. A Ferrari 812 GTS was sold from a local car dealership, which cost almost 900,000 euros.

Esa Schroderus, Director of Luxury Collection Automobiles, confirms the deal to Ilta-Sanomat. Schroderus says a Ferrari 812 GTS was sold from the store earlier this week at a price of € 868,000 including taxes.

According to Schroderus, the car was sold to a Finnish customer. The car will not be handed over to the customer from Lempäälä until next summer. This is the normal delivery time for such a luxury car.

Schroderus does not disclose the identity of the customer who tamed his car fever with a lavish Ferrari.

- This is for privacy, Schroderus mentions.

Schroderus, who competed in track racing and practically spent his entire life with cars, says the deal was a Ferrari 812 GTS. It's an open model.

The driving cat has 800 horsepower and is promised to accelerate from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in 2.9 seconds. Top speed is promised for the car at 340 kilometers per hour. The car is accelerated by a free-breathing 6.5-liter V12 engine.

Ferrari introduced the interior of the 812 GTS model in Maranello in September 2019.

Photo: Flavio Lo Scalzo / Reuters

€ 868,000 is a huge amount of money, but Schroderus said the deal this week is not unique.

- It is precisely the Ferrari 812 GTS that has gone from us during the operation of our store to remember seven pieces.

Maintaining a luxury car can be very expensive. According to Schroderus, the price of the new Ferrari includes seven years of free maintenance. The car has a three-year warranty.

In connection with Ferrari stores, it has been the practice for a customer to visit a factory in Italy to get acquainted with the manufacture of vehicles. However, due to the corona situation, this is not done so far. According to Schroderus, access to the factory is now handled remotely.

The corona situation in general has not froze the operations of Luxury Collection Automobiles in the summer, Schroderus says. According to him, March-April was quieter than usual, but in the summer sales have even risen to record levels.

- It seems that when people cannot travel, they want to invest in enjoyable equipment in Finland, Schroderus formulates.

Esa Schroderus trades in luxury rides.

Photo: Kalle Parkkinen

In addition to Schroderus, the main owners of Luxury Collection Automobiles are Miika Toivonen and Toni Vilander, who has become known as a race car driver and television F1 commentator.

- Toni came along in the summer. In addition, we have a couple of minor shareholders involved, Schroderus says.

Luxury Collection Automobiles will open a Ferrari store in Tallinn next week.

Kauppalehti previously wrote about Luxury Collection Automobiles' Ferrari store in Tallinn. The same story also included Schroderus' mention of the recently sold Ferrari 812 from Lempäälä.