The Finnish women's basketball team ended the long match break with a handsome victory. Finland defeated Latvia 68–63 in Riga after a break in the chase station 29–30.

The most effective of the Finns was Awak Kuier, who scored 14 points and continues his career at the club level in Ragusa, Italy.

- We made our own game, and the result was that we got good throwing places. At first we had problems with the patterns, but then the game started rolling, Kuier said in an interview posted by the Basketball Association on Twitter.

The Finns turned the grip on themselves with ball games and a meaningful game. Latvia was severely harassed by its opponents at the end.

- The Latvian press was hard, and there was a fear that he would lose the ball. But we did well, Kuier said.

According to the Basketball Association, Finland's previous victory is against Estonia in August 2018. Finland lost to Latvia in June 2018 by 50 points.

In Riga, the teams will play again on Sunday. The match is not open to the public.