The meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Iiris Viljamaa, told STT on Friday.

Heat is obtained especially in the western parts of the country, where readings vary between 25 and 27 degrees. On the inland side, up to 28 degrees can be reached in the southwestern parts of the country.

You can get heat when you go east to Kuopio, and the heat seems to rise all the way south of Oulu.

In northern Lapland, temperatures are around 20 degrees on Saturday. Otherwise, temperatures in Lapland are between 21 and 24 degrees, and the warmest is the south-western part of Lapland, where it is possible to reach up to 25 degrees in some places.

On Friday, the warmest weather hit Seinäjoki, where 26.8 degrees were measured, and Turku, where the meter climbed to 26.6 degrees. Elsewhere in the country it was warm as degrees ranged from 21-24. Only in northern Lapland was it between 17 and 20 degrees.