Pippa Laukka, who became acquainted with the What You Eat program, has three daughters with his wife Markku. Recently, the couple’s firstborn Iina celebrated her 22nd birthday, in honor of which Laukka published a touching congratulatory letter to her daughter on her Instagram account.

In connection with the writing, Laukka had added many pictures from Iina's life. In some of the pictures, Laukka poses next to her daughter herself. In her writing, Laukka recalls Iina's childhood in a touching but humorous way.

- Yes, you were small sometimes, in a word, as stressful as small children are sometimes. Like once you spent time drawing with a stone on the side of a car. Many times my coil was fiery red when you refused to fall asleep even though I watched for an hour next to you, Laukka recalls.

- You weren't nasty but lively. A special child, I thought. But mine, and so dear that my chest touched and my heart pounded as I watched my sleep. Yes, you teach new things about parenting every day. For the second and third children, I no longer made the same mistakes, he continues.

In her writing, Laukka also lists features that her daughter especially admires. These include the ability to get along with other people, kindness, and the ability to learn new things quickly. In addition, she praises her daughter for being trustworthy and fair.

- I love you and these traits in you. And I still go in secret sometimes to watch your sleep. My little and so big adult girl. I can't think of life without you. Your father and I are hugely proud of you, Laukka praises.

- Today marks the 22nd anniversary of your life path. Feel free to find your own way, dare to live, dream and realize your dreams. They do not always materialize and sometimes they doubled. Trust in life and your own wings, they do. Happy birthday dear, she wishes.

Pippa Laukka's first daughter recently celebrated her 22nd birthday.

Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

Lauka’s delicate writing has garnered abundant praise from the doctor’s Instagram followers. Many said the writing raised emotions to the surface as they read, and several had wiped their eyebrows as they read the doctor’s congratulatory letter to their daughter.

- If several mothers could dress their love in such beautiful words, one praised.

- I just slept on my own leashes and read this, now there are tears in my eyes, said another.

- Beautifully written. Honest, genuine, with love and a whole heart, said the third.

- Pippa. Wonderful writing and so true. A tear in the corner of his eye, confessed by one.

Pippa Laukka has become familiar to Finns from the You What You Eat program.

Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

Pippa Laukka has more than 25 years of career as a doctor. In recent years, she has worked on the private side and as a doctor for the women’s national football team. He has become familiar to Finns as a columnist, author and You Are What you eat, among other things. Laukka recently celebrated his 50th birthday himself.

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