Berlin (dpa) - The current calendar page for August 7, 2020:

32nd calendar week, 220th day of the year

146 days until the end of the year

Astrological sign Leo

Name day: Afra, Donatus, Juliana


2015 - Those responsible for chemical weapons attacks in the civil war-torn country of Syria are to be identified and punished in future, according to the will of the UN Security Council. All 15 members of the panel approve a resolution in New York.

2010 - Extreme rains lead to violent floods and floods in the border triangle of Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland.

1998 - A total of 224 people died in the bombing of the US embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, almost simultaneously. In 2015, one of the backers, a senior Al Qaeda member and bin Laden confidante, was sentenced to life in prison in New York.

1995 - When the Red Tower in Jena, already built in the Middle Ages, collapsed, four construction workers were killed who were busy restoring the historic city fortifications.

1990 - The South African Liberation Movement African National Congress (ANC) ends its armed struggle.

1987 - The American Lynne Cox is the first person to swim the Bering Strait between Alaska and Siberia.

1978 - With his resignation, Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Hans Filbinger (CDU) draws the consequence of the discussion about his work as a marine judge in World War II.

1960 - The Ivory Coast gains independence from France.

1495 - The Roman-German Emperor Maximilian I proclaims eternal peace at the Reichstag in Worms, which prohibits private wars.


1975 - Charlize Theron (45), South African actress (Oscar for Best Actress in “Monster”)

1960 - David Duchovny (60), American actor ("Files X")

1955 - Vladimir Sorokin (65), Russian writer ("The Serpent")

1940 - Thomas Schmitt (80), German newspaper publisher ("Fuldaer Zeitung" 1974-2004)

1870 - Gustav Krupp von Bohlen and Halbach, German industrialist, died 1950


2005 - Peter Jennings, Canadian-American journalist, longtime anchorman of the American television channel ABC, born 1938

1990 - Gebhard Müller, German lawyer and politician, President of the Federal Constitutional Court 1959-1971, Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg 1953-1958, born 1900

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