Annika Saarikko (center), who returned as Minister of Science and Culture on Thursday, promises to be accountable to the beneficiaries for the loss of betting profits from beneficiaries such as culture, sports and science in one way or another.

According to Saarikko, the shortfall is about 140 million euros in the field of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the matter will be discussed in the budget debate in mid-September.

- The entire area of ​​responsibility that the Minister of Science and Culture has to live and breathe is a significant part of betting, he said in his first press conference as Minister.

In Saarikko's opinion, the situation created by the acute corona must be able to be resolved, because practically the entire Finnish cultural field lives through this funding model. However, even without the corona, revenues are declining as efforts are made to prevent the disadvantages of gambling.

- We also have to decide how we want to see Veikkaus in the future. There is a clear record of this in the government program that the current gambling system will be supported by this government.

He says he is turning his gaze strongly in the direction of Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo (green) as the second phase of the Lottery Act awaits. In Saarikko's opinion, the law could promote things that would increase Veikkaus' operating preconditions as a company.

- Similar gazes towards the Minister of Corporate Governance: what can be done to accelerate the dynamism and success of the gaming company in a responsible way so that the € 140 million and even bigger gap can be filled other than with debt and as part of the basic budget decision.

Big public events again under the lens

The fate of large public events will also be considered by Saarikko in the near future if the dreaded second wave of the corona comes. At present, indoor events for more than 500 people can be held indoors and indoors, provided that their safety can be ensured. The archipelago does not rule out the need for a return to restrictions.

- My starting point is strongly health and safety ahead, despite the fact that any decisions would be very painful for my industry.