Biathlete Kaisa Mäkäräinen, who ended her tremendous sports career in March 2020, has made a new conquest.

At Instagram, Mäkäräinen says that he has become a coach for the biathlon group for young adults, the Vuokatti Sport Biathlon Team. Former cross-country skiers Ville Nousiainen and Kalle Lassila will coach Mäkäräinen.

Mäkäräinen reflects on Vuokatti Sport's Instagram video about how the leap from athlete to coach has felt.

- For the first few days, I wondered if this came too quickly. There was a bit of a feeling that it would be nice to be on the other side as well. Yes, I then did not like very much to plan training sessions and drag them, Mäkäräinen thought.

You can see Vuokatti Sport's Instagram videos below.

Mäkäräinen was known as a top athlete, a conscientious and analytical trainee.

- I have been responsible for much of their training at one time, especially shooting rehearsing had a lot to think about yourself, so it has not been difficult to come up with different exercises. There has been a lot of pressure shooting and a little competition, Mäkäräinen says from the training camp.

Vuokatti Sport announced the establishment of a new biathlon training group earlier this week.

- We are proud to present a new team, Vuokatti Sport Biathlon Team. The biathlon group for young adults is currently at the first joint camp of the year, of which there will be a total of five during the year. The group consists of a total of nine biathletes aged 18-25, and the group's camping is concentrated in Vuokatti. Ainais, and the group's coaches are Kaisa Mäkäräinen, Ville Nousiainen and Kalle Lassila, among others! Vuokatti Sport wrote on Instagram.