Berlin (AP) - After taking over the investigation into a year-long series of attacks by right-wing extremists in Berlin, the Attorney General wants to review all proceedings again.

"The accusation that we are not investigating neutral is very serious," said Margarete Koppers, head of the agency in the RBB evening show, the step. She wanted to counteract any such appearance.

The General Prosecutor's Office announced on Wednesday that it would take over all investigative proceedings relating to crimes against people who were active in the Berlin district of Neukölln against right-wing extremism. According to Kopper, the background seems to suggest that a public prosecutor could be biased.

According to earlier statements, the police attribute 72 cases of extreme right-wing acts in Neukölln, including 23 arson. Many of these were committed between late 2016 and mid-2017.

After arson attacks on the cars of a local politician and a bookseller in early 2018, the police searched homes of right-wing extremists. The arsonists could not be convicted. The police assume a total of three suspects.

The reason for the renewed investigation was a conversation between two people close to the extreme right-wing scene about alleged statements by a public prosecutor in a hearing, as Koppers explained. It was about a possible proximity to the right-wing populist alternative for Germany (AfD). «In fact, that he is close to the AfD or in any case is an AfD voter. And the one person who was questioned as a witness then explained to the other person that you could feel in good hands with the public prosecutor's office because of this statement. »

Koppers expressed understanding of the annoyance that is expressed primarily by those affected, given the lack of results in the investigation. "We have been investigating for a very long time and we simply have no success and that naturally makes us suspicious, also given the fact that breakdowns happened."

The FDP is deeply concerned. If the General Prosecutor's Office pulls an investigation, it is a "clear signal", said the vice-chairman of the FDP parliamentary group, Stephan Thomae, on Thursday in Berlin. «Courts and prosecutors have great powers to intervene in the freedom of the individual. They must therefore be beyond any doubt, »emphasized the FDP legal politician.

The state must take decisive action against right-wing ideas and right-wing violence. "At no point should there be the impression that state institutions are not consistently countering this danger."

The public prosecutor's office unfortunately reacted too late, said his parliamentary colleague Benjamin Strasser. The domestic politician emphasized: "The strange connections between the AfD and security authorities in Berlin-Neukölln have not only been known since yesterday." After all, it had already emerged some time ago «that internal information about the attack on the Berlin Christmas market on Breitscheidplatz was probably published by police officers in AfD chat groups». The Berlin Senate should examine whether its concept against right-wing extremist attitudes towards the police might have to be extended to all judicial and security authorities in the capital.

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