The number of coronavirus infections detected in Africa has exceeded one million, according to AFP news agency.

More than half of the infections in Africa have been diagnosed in South Africa, where more than 8,000 new infections were reported on Thursday alone. In total, more than 538,000 infections have been confirmed in the country. About 9,600 corona-related deaths are known.

South Africa has the fifth highest number of infections in the world. Above are the United States, Brazil, India and Russia.

For example, 95,000 infections have been confirmed in Egypt and 45,000 in Nigeria.

Actual infection rates in Africa are actually believed to be much higher than the number of infections detected. In many countries on the continent, health care is lame and corona testing is limited.

Around 19 million coronavirus infections have been diagnosed worldwide. More than 712,000 corona-related deaths are known, according to a follow-up from Johns Hopkins University in the United States.