Berlin (dpa / tmn) - With a smartphone in their pocket, drivers can confidently forget where they parked their car. The reminder is taken over, for example, by an app or voice assistant. This is indicated by the telecommunications portal "".

You can mark the parking space on an Android smartphone as well as on the iPhone using the Google Maps app. The blue dot shows the current position, for safety's sake tap on the location / GPS symbol again when getting out.

Then touch the blue dot yourself and select the option "Save as parking space". Next to the marking on the map is then "You park here". If you get lost, simply enter «parking space» in the Google Maps search. The app then navigates to the car.

Other map and navigation apps also offer something like this, for example Apple Maps, and Sygic. When you save the location, you give it the appropriate, best dated name.

Weak signal in underground car parks

In general, it is usually easy to locate outdoors. If you are in the underground car park and have only a weak GPS signal, you can record the location at the entrance and also record the floor and parking number with a photo. However, some apps also use mobile phone and WLAN information to determine their position.

Voice assistants offer the same service

A parking space can also be found with the help of the voice assistant. This is how Apple Siri navigates to the car if the parking space was previously saved with the iPhone and Carplay.

Three settings are required on the iPhone: Under Settings / Privacy, the option "Location Services" must be activated, under Settings / Privacy / Location Services / System Services, the option "Important Places" and under Settings / Maps, the option "Location of the parked car".

The parking lot is saved when there is a correct connection to Carplay or the car's Bluetooth system. If you want to go back to the car later, just ask Siri: "Where did I park?"

Location services must also be activated on Android. Press and hold the home screen button on your smartphone or say “Ok Google” when getting out. Then: "I parked here." To get back to the car, ask the Google Assistant: "Where did I park?"

There are also special apps for parking space storage, for example "Where's my car?" or «ParKing».

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