Samsung has unveiled new Galaxy Note phones, smart watches, tablets and headsets. In addition, the company revealed some information about the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold2 phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note was unveiled in two models, the Note 20 and the slightly more plush Note 20 Ultra in features, size and price. The models coming on sale in Finland support new 5g networks, from which the gaming functions of the phones try to take advantage of them.

The Ultra has a 6.9-inch WQHD display, while the base Note 20 has a 6.7-inch FHD + display.

Samsung's novelties weigh about two hundred grams.

Photo: Perttu Pitkänen

The Ultra model is also the first phone on the market to be coated with the new and, according to the manufacturer, more durable Gorilla Glass 7 glass.

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The S-pen, familiar from previous Note phones, is included again. Samsung praises that it has got the pen delay in the Ultra model shortened from 42 milliseconds to 9 milliseconds on the Note 10 phone. On the Note 20, the delay is 42 milliseconds due to different display technology.

The new phones have learned a few new controls, and by waving the stylus in front of the phone, you can, for example, go to the previous web page or take a screenshot.

According to Samsung, efforts have been made to improve handwriting recognition on phones, and the technology is set to learn over time to better recognize the handwriting of its owner.

New features include a new recording note feature that synchronizes recording with handwritten notes at the same time.

Notes, pictures, and other content can be stored in directories in a Windows-like format, and transferred to other devices through your Samsung account.

The link-to-Windows feature, on the other hand, allows you to access multiple Android applications on your PC screen. The screen of the ultra phone can also be moved to the screen of TVs that support Miracast technology, among other things.

The back of the ultra phone has a 108 megapixel widescreen camera, as well as 12 megapixel telephoto and ultra widescreen cameras. According to Samsung, the cameras have implemented a fivex optical zoom. The Basic Note 20, on the other hand, has a so-called hybrid zoom, an unspecified combination of digital and optical zoom. The Note 20's camera has 64 megapixels, while the others are 12 megapixel cameras.

The Ultra model headphones do not fit inside the body.

Photo: Perttu Pitkänen

Both models have 10 megapixel front cameras.

Interesting features for the videographer are 8K shooting and the possibility to use, for example, wireless bluetooth headphones as an external microphone.

The importance of 5g networks will be highlighted especially in the new partnership with Microsoft, which will bring Xbox games to the phone. With the announcement of the Note 20 phones, Microsoft will extend its Xbox Game Pass gaming service to phones for the first time. You can control games with the controller sold as an accessory in your phone.

The refresh rate of the ultra phone's screen is 120 Hz, which can be a joy especially when playing. However, according to Samsung, the refresh rate adapts to the situation, so when reading web pages, for example, the frequency automatically decreases.

New Note 20 phones cannot be called cheap.

The most expensive model, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with 512GB of memory, costs 1449 euros. The device is only available in limited quantities, and there will be a 256 GB model on sale in the future, which will cost 1,349 euros. The Ultra also has a memory card slot.

The price of a basic Note 20 with 256GB of memory is € 1,099.

The Basic Note 20 is available in bronze and gray, while the Ultra is available in bronze and black.

If you don't see the table above, you can view it from this link.

5g also for a tablet

In addition to the phones, Samsung also unveiled the new Galaxy Tab S7 models, all with 128GB of memory. The more expensive Tab S7 +, which costs 1249 euros, also has 5g connections.

The base model of the Tab S7 has an 11-inch screen, while the size of the plus model is 12.4 inches.

The Galaxy Watch3 has been narrowed down and lightened compared to the previous version. However, the screen is larger than previous models, and now also shows images attached to updates, for example. In addition to other health functions, the phone has a crash detector that can be set to send an alarm message to loved ones.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is available in 45 and 41 mm diameters. The rotating adjustment ring surrounding the dial is narrower than before, and the screen is larger.

Photo: Perttu Pitkänen

Galaxy Buds Live headphones developed with AKG have an anti-noise function. The design of the headphones is flat, they don’t just stick out of the ears, but they also don’t penetrate the ear canals either.

The design of the headphones is flat, they don’t just stick out of the ears, but they also don’t penetrate the ear canals either.

Photo: Perttu Pitkänen

The devices announced today will go on sale on August 21st.

... And then one more thing

Samsung has also unveiled more information about the upcoming folding Galaxy Z Fold2, which is the successor to the first version released last year. The Galaxy Z Fold2 has two Infinity-O screens with very narrow edges. The cover screen size is 6.2 inches and the main screen size is 7.6 inches.

According to Samsung, the release date and price information will be revealed later. Admittedly, Evan Blass, who has previously leaked information about smartphones, has already posted a picture of this model on Twitter.