Lotta Kemppinen, 22, shaved two hundredths of a second and ran second after Germany's Gina Lückenkemper in the women's 100m Espoo gp race. Kemppinen's new record is 11.45, while Lückenkemper's winning time was 11.37.

- The difference was that he got along with the guy until the end. At the time, I am pleased to running I do. There is little room for improvement in every area, this run was not as airy as it could be, Kemppinen smiled.

After the race, Lückenkemper gave Kemppinen the flowers he had won. The gesture hit the right person, as Kemppinen said that his new record was enough for the Finnish Sports Federation's European Championship group. This summer, Kemppinen has become Finland's fastest runner-up outside of SUL's coaching teams.

- Of course, it's a different matter when it comes to subsidies. Until now, parents have been the main supporters, Kemppinen said.