In the second quarter, migration from urban to densely populated municipalities and rural municipalities accelerated compared to the comparison period last year, says Helsingin Sanomat.

The corona crisis caused a migration peak, with the largest cities in particular, such as Helsinki and Espoo, suffering.

Last year, when comparing the difference between income and departure migration, urban municipalities were left with a loss of about 200 emigrants in the period from April to June. This year, the number had grown to 1,600 people.

The densely populated municipalities lost 935 people this year, compared to 255 a year earlier. Rural municipalities lost 20 people last year, but now the migration gain hurt 681 people.

According to Timo Aro, a demographer interviewed by HS, the closure of Uusimaa in particular may have affected migration.

- Those who had considered moving or, for example, returning to their homeland were then receiving power to support the decision, Aro tells HS.

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