What would you inch in a situation where a promising guy almost decides to gobble up a bunch of boiled eggs from his own cooler bag in the first place?

Stubborn speeches, strange cooks, surprising revelations - meetings that seem like the first of these ingredients from dream dates can be completely ruined.

Hutus come to date for just about everyone, but they can still evoke feelings of inadequacy. Why isn't it right for me, it's just freaks?

Maiju Markkanen and Tero Tiittanen decided to gather dating experiences How to get out of here? to the book named (Bazar).

Maiju Markkanen writes a wellness blog. In his blog, he reminds us not to take himself too seriously.

Photo: Anni Griinari

- Maybe those wrong dates aren't that serious, but they make a good story.

Let this be a peer support work for all of us, the authors say.

The book has over a hundred stories. We pick three horrible dating experiences from the book:


One woman says she suggested dinner to the man at a new fine dining restaurant. She dressed up at home for many hours, borrowed a nice cocktail dress from a friend and looked forward to the evening.

A late “matter-dressed man” arrived late and sat down at the table without saying anything. Maybe he was excited?

- The beginning was especially stiff. The thing didn’t slip much and I felt like I was examining mostly the man from his life without getting decent answers.

- Then a bottle of hand appeared on the table, which the man offered to me as well. At first I thanked him, but by the third time I was already starting to wonder a bit if he could touch anything without handbags.

After a part of the lion had worn the handbag, the woman was forced to politely ask about its use.

- The man muttered in a low voice that they don't know where these workers have been brought here. During the dessert, I also no longer needed to ask anything. There were no other dates, Wonder why.

The wrinkle bag killed the mood

The evening progressed with a picnic by the sea so promisingly that the woman invited the man to her home.

- We started to take off our clothes little by little until the man reached for his bag. A moment passed and a wide smile spread across his face: "Kato, here's my wrinkle bag."

So what, the woman says she sang.

The man snapped that his mother had given him that white little bag, tightened with cute silk ribbons, in which he kept condoms.

I've heard that long of underwear called seksintappajiksi, but that's kortsupussukka yes very close.

Another fun tonight was that I didn’t mean to get the man out of my home.

“I deleted Tinder”

A man in the army arranged a Tinder date for his evening vacation with a promising lady. The woman promised to pick him up in front of the garrison.

- He arrived at the agreed time and we drove from there to our store with the intention of going to buy some refreshments. Well, then, he had no plans to buy cranberry tentacles, but grave candles. Yes, you read that right. I thought maybe he would buy them pre-recovered and then at some point visit relatives in the cemetery to greet him.

The estimate was wrong.

- He drove us to the cemetery yard for these first dates and took me to see his father's grave. I have to say, with all due respect, that it is not suitable for first dates at all. I removed Tinder, and the woman and I didn’t become any century-old love story.

Source and stories: Maiju Markkanen and Tero Tiittanen: How to get out of here? - The funniest and most horrible dating experiences (Bazar Kustannus Oy 2020)

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