When I came here, I thought to myself: You can't just sit around for half a decade. Somehow you have to pass the time. Back then I didn't know how old I would get. Maybe I just learned how to make the best of every situation. A doctrine of war, maybe. It's not important either. In any case, five years ago, I started playing the harp at the age of 97. And that's Veeh harp, which you can also play without being able to read notes.

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I didn't find that particularly difficult either. Admittedly, I cannot say that I was a natural. I was never particularly musical, I never sang in a choir in captivity. But you always have to have a bit of ambition. Every Monday morning I went to rehearse the harp group. At first there were three of us. Two other gentlemen and me. At some point we were seven. We learned to play the instrument correctly: tilt the harp slightly forward, slide your index finger under the strings, then pluck with feeling. After the rehearsal, I took the instrument to my room and practiced alone. First individual quarter notes, then short melodies. At some point we played folk, operetta and Christmas songs together with the group.

And we have performed them every now and then. It was a great pleasure. We played in kindergarten, at the community afternoon or at the singing festival in the town hall. We made sure to be well dressed. All wore the same bow tie. The best concert was for my 100th birthday. I honestly don't remember much. Just because we played. And the relatives were there. They had never seen me play before. And we sang my favorite song: home, your stars.

With 102 was over. My eyes grew too weak. I tried everything to be able to continue playing: magnification, the right lighting conditions. But it was no longer possible. I didn't want to give up making music. That's why I'm glad that I can do so many things here: Monday the instrumental circle, Tuesday the musical listening circle, Wednesday the music group, Thursday the choir, Friday the folk song singing circle. I go everywhere. And of course I continue to visit every sample of the harp group. Then I sit there and follow the progress of my teammates. And if they make a mistake, I hear it right away. I then correct them too. Polite, of course. And the good thing about old age is that I quickly forget.

Oh, if only my eyes were as good as my ears. I would still play Veeh harp today.

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