Florida rose to one of the worst coronavirus concentrations in the U.S. in July, but now there are small signs of improvement in the state.

In Florida, 63,000 new coronavirus infections were reported last week, compared with 74,000 in the previous week.

The number of coronavirus patients in hospital is also declining slightly.

Instead, deaths are on the rise. Covid-19 disease caused by the coronavirus killed 1,229 people in Florida last week, up from 870 a week earlier. The number of deaths follows infections with a delay.

7,157 people have now died in covid-19 in Florida. That means 333 deaths per million inhabitants. In Finland, the figure is 59.

"Completely clean"

About 45 percent of Florida coronavirus deaths are related to nursing homes. The Finnish-American Village, a nursing home for American Finns in Lake Worth, has not been spared either. Three of its residents died in July of covid-19.

The youngest of the dead was an 89-year-old person with a Finnish background. Tiina Rogers, Human Resources Manager at Finnish-American Village, says that the other two deceased were not of Finnish roots.

Dan-Benson, director of the Finnish-American Village, and Tiina Rogers, human resources manager, are fighting a coronavirus epidemic in Florida.

Photo: Finnish-American Village

The Finnish-American Village consists of a nursing home and a rest home. Both have been closed to visitors since March.

- Probably the virus has come through an employee, Rogers says.

Coronavirus infection has been reported in four workers in both a nursing home and a rest home. According to Rogers, everyone has now given negative tests and returned to work. There are also no active cases of coronavirus among the residents.

- We've been completely clean since last Friday.

Precautions were added

The Finnish-American Village took the coronavirus seriously early on and managed to keep the virus out of the house until July. When the first infections were detected, antiviral action was further intensified.

- On the nursing home side, those infected were isolated in a wing of the house. They had their own caregivers who had no contact with other residents. Rogers says.

- In the rest home, residents have their own rooms. The infected rooms were insulated with plastic sheets.

According to Rogers, the residents of the Finnish region of Palm Beach take the coronavirus seriously.

- Here on the east coast, everyone wears a mask outside. Instead, when I visited the west coast a couple of weeks ago, hardly anyone there wore the mask.

Florida has had to slow down the opening of the state because of the infection spike. People over the age of 65 are encouraged to stay at home.

The state bars closed at the end of June. In Miami, restaurants are only allowed to serve food outdoors, and the music must be at a volume “that doesn’t require shouting”.