The NHL announced the good news on Monday. The series conducted 7,013 corona tests in its “bubbles” in Edmonton and Toronto last week, and none of them were positive.

The week was the first in which players and others in the playoffs lived in tightly bound bubbles. Everything was tested daily.

The NHL has managed the virus so well so far, with no more than 4,000 tests found in the previous week. At that time, the teams were still staying in their home communities.

The last time NHL tests found coronary infections at the beginning of a training camp phase was in mid-July. At the time, two of them were reported.

The playoffs, which started last week, are scheduled to last two months. Teams in the bubble are shrinking week by week, and the Stanley Cup is scheduled to be lifted in early October at the latest.

In the final stage of the conference, the two teams remaining in Toronto will move to Edmonton, where the last two rounds of the playoffs will be played.