Maria Huntington, a seven-handed player who showed a strong mood this summer, significantly improved her record of 100 meters in the Tampere Championships at Ratina Stadium.

Huntington ran a hundred at 11.91, even though his start went completely wrong. The previous record of 12.69 for the athlete of Tampere Pyrinto improved with a single throw of 0.78 seconds. The new record is the fourth best in Finland's annual statistics.

- The start would have been good for the runner-up, but poor for the sprinter. The run was then efficient. Maria hasn’t run a hundred in three years. That explains the record's improvement, coach Matti Liimatainen sculpted in a press release from the Finnish Sports Confederation.

23-year-old Huntington has scored 6,339 points at best in the sevens. The Finnish record played by Satu Ruotsalainen 29 years ago is 6,404 points.

- I believe in exceeding 6,400 points in the Turku match. I do not promise the Finnish record to the protégé, Liimatainen joked.