In a series of stories, Ilta-Sanomat discusses the gloomy history of Finnish jealousy deaths. This is the sixth part of the series.

On Friday evening, August 15, 2008, Krisse will spend the summer evening in Kaukajärvi, Tampere, with other young people.

15-year-old Krisse attends the ninth grade of Sampola School. He has gotten to the rip earlier that summer.

Krisse does not live in Kaukajärvi, but has come there with a girlfriend of the same age. The group also includes an 18-year-old young man. The young people enjoy a group of drinks on the loading dock behind the Juvankatu post office.

Krissen is scheduled to leave the bus home with her girlfriend at the end of the evening.

A friend gets on the bus at about half past eleven, but Krisse doesn’t want to go home on the same bus. He decides to stay to Kaukajärvi on Saturday night and expects a two-euro surcharge for the night shift to be removed from the bus ticket. He assures that he will head home on the first morning shift.

Before leaving, a friend sees Krisse for the last time.

The next morning, Saturday, Krisse is found dead under a horse chestnut tree nearby. The body of a young girl is found by a passerby.

A friend calls Krissen’s parents on Saturday day to ask if this has come home. At the time, neither a friend nor his parents had yet heard of Krisse’s fate. The grief news will reach them a little later.

However, rumors of a teenage corpse found in the park have begun to spread in the suburbs as early as the morning. Young people call each other and find out if their peers are alive.

In August 2008, a large number of candles and flowers were brought to the vicinity of the place of death in memory of the deceased.

Photo: Reijo Hietanen

The suspicions of the local youngsters will soon be directed at an 18-year-old young man with whom Krisse was left to sit on a loading dock the night before.

Police arrest the suspect, an 18-year-old, in front of a nearby supermarket on Saturday afternoon. In her closet you will find the dead girl's cell phone and a keychain.

The man’s vague behavior had attracted attention from peers in the past. According to local young people, the 18-year-old had appeared in the Kaukajärvi suburb in July as if from scratch.

He teamed up with local youth and played a tough guy. According to youth IS in August 2008, several of them had tried to avoid the 18-year-old, who had behaved strangely and spoke strangely.

One young man described him as a "scary dude."

The young man was interested and jealous of Krisse.

Krisse had met the man for a few days in the summer. However, according to the young people, it was not about love, but the duo walked together for three, four days. Then came the difference.

According to young people, there was another attempt on a fatal Friday. The guys said Krisse didn’t want to continue dating, but the young man pressured and threatened.

Krisse had other male friends. There had been little quarrel between the 18-year-old and another boy over Krisse.

Before what happened, the young people had spent the evening at the post office loading dock.

Photo: Jukka Kuusisto

According to Krisse's friend, the girl was afraid of the young man. However, one guy said he thought Krisse didn’t believe the young man could hurt him.

Proceedings in the district court began in November 2008. The cause of death was confirmed by the court to be jealous.

Krisse and the 18-year-old had had some degree of socializing in the summer. Two days before the act, the boy had heard that Chris had someone else.

When the duo had missed the night on the mail loading bridge at night, the man had asked the girl about it.

The young man admitted to causing Krisse's death. During a police interrogation, he had said that he had strangled the girl for a moment. He said they had had a small quarrel.

- When we were two, Krisse said she has no one else. I fainted and strangled, the young man told the court.

- That's when I clicked which one was telling the truth, guys or Krisse.

During the night he had still visited the scene to see the body.

In June 2009, the district court found Krissen, accompanied by an 18-year-old young man on the loading dock, guilty of killing Krisse.

In a state of mind survey, he was found to be innocent during the act.

The accused will be brought to the Tampere Court of Appeal in November 2008.

Photo: Reijo Hietanen

Because of this, the district court left him unpunished. He was assigned to special care against his will.

The case did not proceed to the Court of Appeal, but the judgment of the District Court remained final.

On Monday after the tragedy in August 2008, Sampola School had a flag in half pole. Young people who attended the same school as Krisse received crisis help if they wanted to.

The post office loading bridge was quickly filled in memory of a young woman who had left flowers and candles too early.

In the minds of friends, Krisse remained a happy, fun, and beautiful woman who often smiled.


Large numbers of young people and adults gathered to remember Krisse and mourn what had happened.

"Time goes by, grief changes shape, beautiful memories never disappear." The text was signed by all the young people of Lake Kaukajärvi.

Friends also said goodbye to the IRC Gallery Memorial Community page. In the minds of friends, Krisse remained a happy, fun, and beautiful woman who often smiled.

“Too early you flew to where it’s better to be. Too early to disappear, somewhere where you can smile. Rest in peace.

Sources: Ilta-Sanomat archive, district court judgment