For holidaymakers who only want to see what they really should not miss, we make an overview of the most important news of today.

Today's news overview

Body of missing teenage teenager (15) found on the beach near Monster

Walkers found the body of a 15-year-old boy from The Hague who had been missing since Friday evening. The teenager disappeared into the sea on Friday evening off the coast of Monster, a place south of The Hague.

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What should you do if you end up in a current at sea?

Drowning victims are more likely to occur in the summer months. How do you prevent yourself from getting into a current and what can you do best when you are in it?

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Two arrests for brawl for refusal to wear a mask on KLM flight

Two people were arrested on Friday because of a brawl during a KLM flight from Schiphol to Ibiza. Some passengers refused to wear a mask, and arguments arose about this.

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SpaceX is preparing for manned landing, capsule disconnected from ISS

The American astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are on their way to the Gulf of Mexico after more than two months on board the international space station ISS. The astronauts were disconnected on the night from Saturday to Sunday. The pair are on board the crew capsule Space Dragon of space company SpaceX, which is preparing for its first manned landing.

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Hamilton wins on a flat tire, Verstappen second at Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton also won the Grand Prix of Great Britain on a flat tire on Sunday. Max Verstappen took advantage of a flat tire from Valtteri Bottas in the final phase and finished second.

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News in pictures

Defense pays tribute to the two soldiers who died in the NH90 crash in the Caribbean. (Photo: Pro Shots)

The weather on holiday:

France : In France, in addition to sun, a single shower is also possible. In the southeast it is sunny and dry. On Tuesday, the chance of a shower is only present in the Vosges and the French Alps.

Benelux : Monday there will be some showers scattered throughout the Benelux with a chance of thunder, but the sun also shines regularly. Due to a weak to moderate westerly wind and an afternoon temperature of at most 23 degrees, it is quite normal summer weather. On Tuesday there is a high pressure area in the area and it will remain dry.

Germany : In Germany the weather conditions per region are very different. Especially in the southern parts, some heavy rain and thunderstorms develop. Especially in Bavaria there can be a lot of rain locally. More to the north, the showers are less heavy, but there is also a chance of thunder. There are also areas where it usually stays dry with regular sunshine.

Italy : In Italy it is particularly turbulent in the north. Heavy thunderstorms can occur on Monday, locally with many discharges, strong gusts of wind and a lot of precipitation. Code is off for the Northern Region. More to the middle and south it remains as good as dry and it is quite sunny and tropical hot.

Spain and Portugal : In Spain and Portugal it is still very sunny and hot. The maximums are inland between 35 and 40 degrees on Sunday. A cooling wind blows from the sea along the Spanish Costas.

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Are you staying at home or going on holiday in your own country? Although it can feel a bit cooler on Sunday, a very warm period with midday temperatures up to possibly 34 degrees will start on Wednesday.

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