The change from July to August means a return to work for many working Finns.

We told you earlier this week what to do if getting back to work is stressful. The mild stress associated with change is common and normal.

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When recovered, however, the mind and body are better able to return from vacation to everyday life.

But what signs do you know that the holiday has been restorative?

- The core idea of ​​the holiday is to get the person back from work. If you feel restlessly energetic when you return to work, you have recovered enough on holiday, says Ellen Ek, an occupational health psychologist at Terveystalo.

Ek lists what it would be like to feel like returning from work if the recovery has really taken place: when you wake up in the morning, you are rested, your mind is calmly hopeful and you are curious about work.

- Curiosity can be seen by pondering what is going on in the workplace in the autumn.

So you don’t have to feel “full of energy and power,” but rather a calm and positive state of mind.

Few people completely forget about work on holiday.

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On a good holiday, work matters are largely forgotten

The ideal situation on holiday would be that work would be completely forgotten.

- Even if work is not completely forgotten on holiday, the sign of a good holiday is that work issues are largely forgotten. Other things get in the mind, and of course those that make a person feel good, Ek says.

Forgetting work matters means having gained psychological distance from work, which is essential for recovery. If you are quite sharp when you return to work and remember all the work things in detail, it can be a sign that you may not have been able to completely break away from work on holiday.

- When people return to work, many people worry about the rhythm of working life and the planned life, which they have to get used to again after the holidays. I recommend thinking of the coming winter as a marathon, so that with small steps and reliefs you will start to get used to working life again.

If at all possible, work should begin when you return from vacation in the middle of the week.

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Plan your return to work in peace

You should also plan to return to work in peace, if at all possible. If you remember things that have not been done or are left unattended, you can be almost certain that thinking about or returning to work will cause a greater or lesser feeling of stress in your mind and body.

- It is normal for missed or difficult things to start to get stressful. When you go on holiday, it would be good to plan at what stage the work matters will be left so that it would be as comfortable as possible to return from the holiday, Ek says.

Ideally, a return to work would be a soft landing if work starts after the holiday, for example in the middle of the week. Ek suggests that the first day could be entirely a so-called orientation back to work.

- On the first day, it would be good to research what lies ahead, open emails in peace and plan for the fall. So it is not worth tackling the most difficult work issues as soon as you return from vacation.

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