Saturday has been a black day in traffic. On the first day of August, a total of four people have been reported killed in traffic accidents.

The fatal crashes occurred in Tuusula, Karkkila, Heinola and Kangasniemi.

Early on Saturday morning, a passenger car traveling along Maisalantie in the Swedish village of Tuusula derailed into the Tuusulanjoki River and ended up there on its roof. A young woman died in an accident that happened at half past five in the morning.

There were also three men in the car, all of whom were seriously injured. The people in the car were between 21 and 23 years old.

The second fatal accident occurred around 7 o'clock in the morning on Nelostie in Heinola, just north of the Lus junction in Makkaramäki. A woman died in a cam crash between a car and a truck.

In the morning in Karkkila there was a crash between two motorcycles and a car. One of the motorcyclists died and the other was slightly injured in the accident. The rescue service had received an alert for the accident after eleven in the morning.

The car derailed in the river in Tuusula early Saturday morning. A young woman died in the accident.

Photo: Lassi Rinne / IS

In the afternoon, a 30-year-old car driver died on Toangasakantie on Kangasniemi when the car drifted out of the way and collided with a tree. The man who was a passenger was seriously injured in the accident and was taken to hospital in Kuopio.

The advertiser said the car hit a tree at a height of about two meters. The accident happened after two o'clock in the afternoon about two miles west of the church village.

The Oulu Police Department says that Saturday was also full of crashes in the Jokilaakso field management area. There were traffic accidents in Oulainen, Kalajoki and Alavieska. However, fatalities were avoided.

The most serious of these crashes occurred at half past twelve in Alavieska on Kalajoentie, where a middle-aged male cyclist suddenly turned in front of a motorhome that came straight from behind. Despite intense braking and evasive movement, the camper collided with a cyclist. According to preliminary data, the cyclist was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital by medical helicopter.

Likewise, mid-July was reported to have been a gloomy time in traffic. Wednesday 15.7. and on Thursday 16.7. At least eight people died on Finnish roads in six different accidents.