Expectations had been loaded wildly into the women’s quick fences of the peeling GP races. In the end, Kuortane's evening did not offer the Finnish record that was broken beneath the surface, even though the winner of the competition, Annimari Kortte, has a hard European level of 12.88.

According to the card, the memories of a friend who died in the winter in the race venue affected the runner's condition, and the focus did not remain completely essential.

- I've had a few really difficult days. My good friend Braian Toledo passed away in the winter and the last time I visited Kuortane, I met him here. It felt like my head wasn’t quite here today in the race.

Toledo, a Argentine javelin thrower who practiced a lot with a bark, died in a motorcycle accident in Buenos Aires in February.

- He was a good person and Kuortane was like a second home for him. Braian always encouraged me to rejoice, and I also try to follow the lessons learned from him.

Despite good time, Korte was not completely happy with his run.

- The winds were challenging and felt like the opposite. However, it shouldn't have bothered me, because in Lahti, for example, I ran well upwind.

Nooralotta Neziri finished second in the race with a time of 12.96.