Singer Anna Puu published a rare picture with her child on Intagram.

- Our favorite place: the new pier of the cottage, Anna writes in the picture.

The image has been liked almost 10,000 times and has also sparked debate.

- These are wonderful pictures with divorced older children. But the other half that can't come up always comes to mind. For many, there will be a picture in which the publisher of the delicate pictures is the real, "loving" parent, one commented to Anna.

- Let the other half publish some tidy moments with their child. Somehow I believe that people’s sable literacy is already so advanced that parenting or relationships are not valued based on snapshots. The love of one is not out of the other, the other defended the singer.

Anna Puu also decided to respond to the commenters:

- That's just the way it is. And loving a child is no competition. We have been separated from our child's father more than seven years ago, we are on good terms and both are equally present and loving parents, so there is really nothing between the lines in this picture, Anna says firmly.

Photo: Juha Metso

Anna Puu has said that she struggled with her own and artist identity. She wanted to be both a good mother but also a talented musician.

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He told of his career and his life last year, Mari Koppis writing I am Anna Wood, peering (WSOY). In it, he also talked about his failed marriage.

- I was with someone I loved so much. It’s incredibly hard to figure out where it lost. Where such a feeling can even disappear. It is the great mystery of life. Still, it’s terribly sad and difficult for me, Wood said in his book.

He also told last year in his book Three Little Words and how, according to the singer, they reflected the end times of the covenant.

- Our daily life culminated in these lines: "The white light of the screen on both faces / because love no longer lives here." It was a glimpse of our daily lives, with one sitting quietly on a laptop and the other watching TV and neither talking.

Photo: Aku Isotalo / HS

After a long pain, the singer admitted to herself that she was not happy in the relationship. She told her husband she wanted to divorce.

- I had to justify my decisions to others nonsensically. The accusation rained from right and left. It felt like the whole family was torn in two because of our difference. It was terribly selfish to break a family, but at that moment I felt like I was dying inside if things didn’t change.

According to the singer, even after six years, writing about it is so difficult that he considered whether to deal with the difference at all in the book.

- But I would be fooling myself if I claimed that this crisis and everything that followed had not really affected - my whole life.

Photo: Minna Raitavuo

Anna Puu has released five studio albums and been awarded female soloist of the year by Emma three times.