The captivating corona quarantine video of two Italian girls became a huge online hit in April.

Vittoria and Carola at the time took the joy out of their favorite sport of tennis, even though rehearsals and matches had taken a break from juniors all the way to the professional level, and in northern Italy there were scorching conditions in miserable corona quarantine.

Now in Swiss tennis, Roger Federer totally surprised the girls in the middle of an interview with a video posted by a partner. In the interview, the girls mention Federer as their favorite player, after which one of the all-time players arrives on the scene.

- Master! Federer is on our roof, the girls screaming and glowing at the video to their grandmother.

In their original social media video, the girls let their palms and knuckles play, bouncing the ball amazingly from one roof of an apartment building to another over the streets of the coastal city of Liguria.

The video, published on Twitter in April, has already been viewed nearly 10 million times.

Enthusiastic about the roof game with the girls, Federer seems to be happy to meet him.

- I've played in many fine places around the world, but this goes by throwing their ranks as one of the special experiences, says Federer.

The Ligurian tennis players got a total day of experience when Federer joined the girls ’rooftop game, after which he invited them to a lunch together.

To crown the encounter, Vittoria and Carola will be sent to the Rafa Nadal Academy tennis camp.

Despite injuries in recent years, Roger Federer is still at the top of the tennis world at the age of 38. Currently, the Swiss is fourth on the world list.

Photo: Bai Xuefei / Xinhua / ZUMA

Roger Feder plans to leave two knee missions between the end of 2020. The sporting legend, which grabbed 20 grand slam tournament wins in its career, aims to return to the tennis courts in 2021.