Breast cancer still affects many women, families and the work community. Almost every eighth Finnish woman develops breast cancer at some point in her life.

Breast cancer screening tests aim to detect breast cancers as early as possible, but it is a good idea to monitor your breasts regularly.

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Possible symptoms of breast cancer

  • The best known and most common symptom of breast cancer is a nodule in the chest that can be seen with the eyes or felt with the fingers.

  • Most often, the cancer is painless, but it can also cause pain or a tingling sensation in the chest.

  • Clear or bloody fluid may be excreted from the nipples.

  • The skin / nipple may be retracted.

  • Change in shape, elasticity or size of the breast.

  • A rash on the skin or nipple that does not heal.

  • Many symptoms suggestive of breast cancer may turn out to be non-cancerous in studies. For example, a large proportion of the nodules found in the breasts are benign changes such as fluid vesicles.

    However, breast cancer can also be completely asymptomatic and coincidentally found on screening.

    Examine your chest

    Examine your chest regularly after menstruation once a month. If you are 50 to 69 years old, take part in a mammogram screening. The invitation comes every two years.

    When you feel your breasts regularly, you know what the new nodules or other changes are. Any changes in the breasts that have not occurred before should be shown to your doctor.

    It is quite rare for breast cancer to be found only after it has spread and sent metastases.

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