One of the non-race topics of the Formula 1 season has been the kneeling of drivers before races - and not kneeling.

Before the start of the opening race, which was run less than four weeks ago, a lot of attention was gathered by the gathering of drivers on the starting line to show their support for the fight against racism.

Most of the drivers symbolically knelt on the starting line, but six drivers remained standing, among them Alfa Romeo's Kimi Räikkönen. The topic came up again on Thursday during the fourth race weekend of the season in Silverstone.

- I think everyone has the right to act in the way they see fit. Naturally, we are all against racism and we have shown our support, Räikkönen told reporters.

Räikkönen reminded that the drivers want to do their best to help campaign against racism.

- But I don't think we need to explain if we don't kneel and whatever we do. It is everyone's personal choice.

Reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton has been at the forefront of the F1 world’s anti-racism campaign.

- I haven't talked about it (kneeling) with him. And even if I were, I wouldn’t discuss it here. Whatever happens between people, I have no interest in talking about it in public, Räikkönen acknowledged.

Räikkönen was also asked about Hamilton's prominent role in the campaign.

- I think it's great. I fully understand him. As I said, we are entitled to our own ideas here and in all other matters.

Räikkönen has not opened his points account in the World Series this season. Especially in the time trial of Alfa Romeo, there has been hope.

- We have been a little stronger in the race, but if the race starts from behind, it is never easy. Our situation is not the easiest at the moment and we are trying to make our overall package better.

According to the Finnish veteran, the drivers of the team, ie Räikkönen himself and Antonio Giovinazzi, can also afford to improve.

- We are guaranteed to be able to improve in all areas, but it is normal in every team, he said.

The fourth race of the season, the British GP, will be run in Silverstone on Sunday.