NHL goalkeeper Tuukka Rask caused a small-scale storm in Finnish time on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday when he wore the cap of the Boston Police Force on a TV broadcast.

The Finnish star of the Boston Bruins, who was in his hotel, was interviewed via video during an NHL practice match break on the US national channel NBC. However, based on social media, many turned their attention to the cap at Rask’s head, adorned with the text Boston Police, instead of the content of the interview.

Some interpreted it as a statement on the Black Lives Matter campaign that flared up when George Floyd died as a result of police violence in May.

The movement, which escalated into violent protests, especially in the United States, opposes discrimination against blacks, above all police violence.

Whether it was a statement or not, the Savonlinna resident would choose a fiery subject with his choice of cap.

Just moments before Rask’s TV appearance, the Boston Bruins had issued a statement saying it supported blacks and was trying their best to help eradicate racism.

Mark Lazerus, editor of The Athletic, among others, shared a Bruins bulletin on his Twitter account and wrote in connection with it: “Tuukka Rask is wearing the Boston Police cap at NBCSN right now”.

The editor’s publication quickly garnered hundreds of retweets.

The heaviest cap quickly evolved into a small-scale storm. The choice of residence provoked a heated debate both for and against. Some of the commentators also suspected that Raskin was not intended by law to take any position on the BLM movement.

You can see the picture of Raskin's hat here.

- Tuukka Rask wearing the Boston Police flag just after his team had issued a statement on social justice is all you need to know when it comes to hockey culture, while Chicago Sun Times reporter Evan F. Moore tweeted, collecting hundreds of retweets and thousands of likes.