An exceptional situation happened at Tykkimäki Amusement Park in Kouvola on Tuesday, July 28. The safety fence around the Star Flyer came off the ground after one of the device's seats hit it at the same time the device was turned on.

The Star Flyer is a chain carousel that reaches speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour in so-called high-speed driving. The height of the device from the ground is 72 meters.

Tykkimäki Amusement Park states in the press release that the situation did not cause any personal injuries and that there was no danger to the visitors of the amusement park.

- The situation was caused by the customers' own operations. They had moved this chain-leaning bench so hard to the side that the equipment drivers had noticed it at the time it was launched, says Amusement Park Manager Pilvi Serola.

The swing trap stuck to the knob of the metal fence tore the fence off the concrete anchors as the device set in motion.

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Iltalehti has reached the guardian of the boys who waved the bench on the chains.

- The boys, while waiting for it to start, do what people now usually do on swings, the guardian describes.

According to Iltalehti, the swing ended when the swing got stuck in the knob of the metal fence bordering the device. The device set in motion and the rocking car tore the fence off along the concrete anchors. The boy who was still involved in the situation on Wednesday has been shocked by the situation.

- Safety is Tykkimäki's number one priority and we take these situations very seriously. In the future, we will also refine the instructions for the device, Serola, the theme park manager, says in a press release.

Tykkimäki's Star Flyer chain carousel has been disabled for the time being.

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