In Helsinki, city bikers can now afford to choose. Alepa-Fillari, who has dominated the street for the last four years, got a competitor on Monday when the Forss company Juro Sharing Infra delivered 400 new types of city bikes to Helsinki.

City bikes, named juros, differ from Alepa fillers in, among other things, in that they do not have to be parked in any particular place. So the Juro bike can be left on any street corner, from where someone else can then take the bike underneath.

- The Juro bike also has no special area restrictions. You can pedal anywhere, as long as you stay within the borders of Finland, says Jussi Roito, CEO of Juro Sharing Infra.

Free parking of the bike is made possible by a solar-powered smart lock. The front basket of the bike is fitted with solar panels that charge the lock. The smart lock can again be used to trace where people have left their bikes.

- The lock works even if the sun does not always shine. Its battery has enough charge for two months, Roito says.

You can use the Juro bike by downloading an application called Juro to your phone.

You also pay for the use of the bike through the app. The price of the pedal trip is determined by the time, and each half-hour start is charged 1.50 euros.

According to Roito, the Juro bike is designed for year-round use. There are no gears on the bike.

- The tires on the bike are the same size as in Jopo, so the riding feel is quite agile, Roito says.

In practice, Juro bikes operate on much the same principle as electric kickboards.

This is where the question arises as to whether the wheels cause similar obstacles to electric kickboards when they do not have to be parked in certain places.

Electric kickboards standing in the middle of the driveway or lying on a sidewalk in a mound have become quite a common sight, especially in the center of Helsinki.

Roito believes that the Juro wheels do not cause such disadvantages.

- I trust that people have common sense and they understand that it is not smart to leave a bike to hang in the middle of the road.

Roito says that part of the usage fees for Juro bikes flow to Asenne ry. Asenne ry is a Forsso-based charity that supports young people's hobbies and hobbies.

- The better Juro bikes are parked and the more they are used, the more we are able to support Asenne ry. So cycling makes it possible to do good, Roito says.