Markku Eklund, chairman of Sky Breakers, who is responsible for Kaivopuisto's bungee jumping operations, says that Helsinki's jumping operations are still frozen due to the crane that fell on Friday.

Eklund cannot yet say whether the summer jumps have now been jumped, or whether the jumps will continue at a later date.

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- It's hard to say at this point. There is no plan yet. So much can not be said that the jumps have been jumped, but at least in the next few days there will be no new jumping place coming.

Elsewhere in Finland, people jump. Sky Breakers organizes jumps in four or five more locations. At the moment, you can jump at least in Jyväskylä and Oulu.

- Yes, we have events in the provinces and already on Saturday we jumped and jumped. No one was scared and everything went well, Eklund says.

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The Helsinki Rescue Department received an alarm about the collapse of a 150-meter bungee jumping tower on Friday morning just before seven. No one was injured in the situation.

The boom section at the lower end of the crane tower has failed as it has bent, causing the tower to fall into the sea. The vehicle had remained stationary on the shore.

The reason for the boom's failure is still unknown, but Nostopalvelu J. Helaakoski, who owns it, is investigating it together with the Liebherr company that made the crane.

The boom section at the base of the bungee jumping tower failed on Friday, most obviously as a result of a strong gust of wind caused by a thunderstorm.