Sex sometimes tests the neighborly agreement of Finns, we said yesterday.

The topic came up when Ilta-Sanomat's sex poll asked what was the strangest thing a neighbor had heard or seen doing in the field of sex.

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Kristel Pynnönen, the Deputy General Counsel of the Real Estate Association, outlined that the sounds of sex must be tolerated by the neighbor, because they belong to normal life. On the other hand, if there is constant loud sex, and the neighbor points out about it with a message, for example, this should be taken into account in the same way as a note about any disturbing noise.

- I would say that this is where the border of respect for the neighbor goes, whether belonging or appearing is harm or intentional.

According to the survey, Finns have also encountered such situations with their neighbors.

This is the kind of sex your neighbors have

“In the house opposite, the young couple practiced going in front of a big window with their claws toward the roof. I almost went for my morning coffee in the wrong throat as I walked past the window. ” Female, 24

“Neighbors had sex in a mailbox that other neighbors saw. In it, the gentleman took the lady from behind against the mailbox. The prominent place didn't seem to bother them. ” Male, 50

“In the former apartment, the neighbors’ foreplay seemed to consist of first quarreling, crying and slamming doors. In the end, there is silence, and soon the woman's moans climb all the way down the house. ” Female, 29

“I live in a semi-detached house, and one neighbor’s lady masturbates quite unobstructed on the backyard terrace one summer morning, knowing I’m with my coffee cup behind a sparse wall. The coffee rose in the cup to cool ... ”Man, 43

“The neighbor’s man shouted at his woman right behind his shoulder. As I banged rhythmically on the table against the wall and shouted back the sounds of love, the neighbor heard a decent laugh of laughter - and after a while the woman's cries of pleasure continued. ” Male, 34

“On the top floor of an apartment building, neighbors had sex against the window in the autumn dark. Inside were the lights on and the blinds and curtains open. Surely they were aware that everyone would see who they wanted. It was pretty exciting to pass by with a blink. ” Female, 21

“Neighbors sat in thick sweaters in the summer heat caressing each other in the yard swing. The lady also had long knitted leggings and a scarf. They had their hands in fun in each other's pants caressing the equipment. ” Male, 49

“The male neighbor downstairs spoke on the phone in such a loud voice that I heard everything - whether I wanted to or not. Once, he examined the person at the end of the wire to see if he had ever had butt sex, and shared his own experiences. That's when he made up his mind to close his ears. ” Female, 37


 Whenever a neighbor’s lady goes on a vacation trip, a younger blonde appears in the house, apparently as an ‘emergency assistant’. The moan belongs here.

“One of the former neighbors had a kid’s job in a loud shout. The woman had full riding gear: boots, helmet and whip and so on. The horse had just been replaced by the host. It would have been worthwhile to put the curtains on the stable (shoulder) as well. ” Male, 42

“The neighbor’s balcony was next to ours. It sometimes talked about these. Once a neighbor asked us to make love on our own balcony while he and his wife would make love on their own. 'It would be nice to watch your hustle and bustle on your own.' There was nothing to do and no experience. ” Male, 55

“I’m not quite sure which operation it was, but the neighbor’s man had a woman in the‘ village ’at the mailbox. In other words, a penis had been pushed out of the door in the apartment building door, and outside the woman was on her knees. ” Female, 22

“A neighbor had sex in the middle of the day in his backyard with two men. We live in an apartment building where the residents of the lower floor have a small backyard. ” Male, 33

“Every time a neighbor’s lady goes on a holiday trip, a younger blonde appears in the house, apparently as an‘ emergency assistant ’. The moan belongs here. ” Female, 41

"My former neighbor was imitating the sounds of animals apparently during sex, because this happened accompanied by a stitch and late at night." Male, 32

“A neighbor’s partner demanded money for sex. The neighbor thought he was dating, but he was in love with a paid woman. The quarrel fell through the walls. The neighbor's heart was broken, and the woman could no longer be seen or heard. ” Female, 44

“My upstairs neighbors have sex every other night exactly at 10:20 p.m. The clock can be checked for their actions. ” Male, 33

“A terrible rage blew through the wall, accompanied by the loud moaning of both the woman and the man. I guess the intention was to cover the sounds of sex with raging music, but they completely failed. ” Female, 27

“Oral sex was practiced in a parking lot in a neighboring car. I went to my own car, and the lady lifted her head away from the man’s lap. They both looked embarrassed away. ” Male, 38


 "The neighbor's lady had oral sex in the backyard in the middle of a clear day with my other neighbor while her own husband was at work."

"The neighbors got excited for a little taste when they went home to have loud sex in the stairwell - and even next door." Female, 30

“The hostess was handcuffed to the bed, and the host had a seizure. In it, the hostess then shouted for help. Fortunately, the neighbor heard and alerted for help. ” Female, 43

"I did telecommuting and woke up to the sight when the daughter of the family took a blowjob from her boyfriend on the balcony on the balcony of the house opposite." Male, 50

“I once dropped my neighbor’s bed in the nits at night about eight times. I wonder how they can handle it, and I guess there are already places in pain. ” Female, 27

“Every week for years, my neighbors watched the same German-language SM porn video. Every word belonged to us. ” Female, 41

"The neighbor's lady had oral sex in the backyard in the middle of a clear day with my other neighbor while her own husband was at work." Male, 31

"I heard the woman say at night, 'Shall we go to the yard to do the same thing again on the table?' After that, I looked out the window when I heard someone crash. There they were on the ground because the table broke. ” Female, 22

Ilta-Sanomat surveyed people's sex experiences and thoughts with an online survey. A total of 11,390 people responded to the survey. The survey was conducted on 4-8. June 2020.