Sebastian Tynkkynen, a Member of Parliament for Basic Finns, has lodged a complaint with the Chancellor of Justice about Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd.).

According to MTV, there have been 12 other complaints about Sanna Marin.

Tynkkynen talks about his complaint on Facebook and also refers to his complaint on his Twitter account.

According to Tynkkynen, Sanna Marin will not be able to bow to the EU and send billions of euros belonging to Finns to irresponsible countries without consequences.

- Many of you asked me to complain to the Chancellor of Justice about the Prime Minister's actions, because, as experts have said, in addition to wasting, he even seems to have walked over the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, which is completely unprecedented. The committee monitors that the constitution is observed in Finland, which is the mother of all laws, Tynkkynen says.

Tynkkynen rebukes Prime Minister Marin for his strong choice of words, calling Marin "patriotic."

This is related to the complaint

Tynkkynen's complaint relates to the EU summit, which negotiated a € 750 billion stimulus package and a seven-year EU budget.

As Finland's representative, Prime Minister Marin was negotiating the EU's next multiannual financial framework and recovery instrument for the recovery from the interest rate crisis in Brussels from Friday to Tuesday.

The outcome of the negotiations approved by the European Council has also received strong criticism in Finland, but Marin himself has stated on several occasions that he is satisfied with the outcome of the negotiations. According to him, it is good for Finland.

According to opposition MP Kai Mykkänen (Coalition Party), it would have been important to tie the aid package more closely to genuine structural reforms, such as climate goals, the investment program and research and development funds.

Mykkänen pointed out in Yle's A-studio on Wednesday that a lot of new things were left out of the package and the funding was allocated to existing things.

According to Riikka Purra, MP from Basic Finns, it is not at all clear how the recovery package will affect Finnish exports. Purra was involved in the A-studio discussion on Wednesday.