The agreement negotiated by Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) and other EU leaders on the EUR 750 billion recovery package will be welcomed by Johanna Ojala-Niemelä (sd), Chair of the Constitutional Committee.

- It would seem that everything went in the right direction from the point of view of the Constitution at that summit, Ojala-Niemelä tells STT.

Prior to the EU summit, the Committee on Constitutional Affairs called for the recovery package to seek to limit the amount of aid

EU leaders agreed on Tuesday on a package of € 390 billion in grants and € 360 billion in loans. The original proposal contained EUR 500 billion in grants, a reduction of more than 100 billion during the negotiations.

According to Ojala-Niemelä, the change took the direction required by the Constitutional Committee, but she does not take a position on whether the amount of grants was reduced sufficiently.

- This is exactly what we demanded to be reduced. Finnish payments also decreased as a result. Initially, Finland's contribution to grants would have been EUR 8.5 billion, and now it is EUR 6.6 billion.

The committee also called for responsibilities to be limited

The second demand of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs was that the recovery package limit the maximum responsibilities of the member states.

- Now, at least on the basis of information received from the public, it would seem that this Finnish demand passed in that respect, Ojala-Niemelä says.

Marin has said that Finland has negotiated a text change to the recovery package, which defines the maximum responsibilities of each member state in a precise way. In practice, the entry should ensure that there will be no unexpected increases in payments for Member States in the future, even if a Member State fails to pay its borrowings under the recovery package.

According to Ojala-Niemelä, the maximum responsibility per member state was considerably limited, which was required by the Constitution Committee.

- Yes, this is a new entry and an exceptionally strong entry. At the very least, this would show that the agreed ceiling cannot be interpreted as jeopardizing Finland's compliance with its constitutional obligations, he estimates.

Ojala-Niemelä emphasizes that a political agreement has only been reached in the EU on the recovery package, and no formal decisions have yet been made.

The package will eventually come to Parliament for national decision-making and ratification. According to Ojala-Niemelä, the Committee on Constitutional Affairs will continue to assess the matter on the basis of a new proposal agreed by the leaders of the EU countries and more detailed information to be received later.

Several complaints to the Chancellor of Justice about Marin's actions

Several complaints have been made to the Chancellor of Justice about Marini's activities in the EU's major monetary negotiations in Brussels. The Office of the Chancellor of Justice informs BTI that 13 complaints had been registered this morning concerning the Marin procedure at the EU summit on 17-21 March. July.

The complainants are mainly private individuals, but the complaint has also been made by Sebastian Tynkkynen, a member of the opposition Finns.

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Many complainants consider that Marin would have acted contrary to the position of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs in approving the financing solution reached by EU leaders. Some, for their part, believe that the Chancellor of Justice should assess the matter.

In Tynkkynen's opinion, it should be assessed whether the outcome of the negotiations is, for Finland, as required by the Constitution Committee.

- Prime Minister Marin may be considered to have acted contrary to the position of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs in approving and promoting EU borrowing and the Member State's associated responsibility for aid instruments, Tynkkynen writes in his complaint.

On Facebook, Tynkkynen says Marin seems to have walked over the Constitutional Committee. He says Marin’s actions are completely unprecedented and appoints the prime minister as patriotic.

The Basic Finns' parliamentary group announced today that it is demanding that Parliament be convened during the summer recess due to the EU's recovery package. The group wants a government statement on EU decisions this week.

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