Police on Tuesday conducted a home search of the suspect in a preliminary investigation into a serious firearms crime near the Ivalo agglomeration.

Ivalo is the largest agglomeration and administrative center in the municipality of Inari. It is located 39 kilometers south of the church village of Inari

According to police, the operation lasted all day. In connection with the search of the house, wartime weapons, ammunition, explosives and parts and accessories related to these items belonging to different states were seized.

Ilta-Sanomat asked the director of the investigation about the task.

What kind of war material was found?

- We found ammunition for a grenade launcher, among other things, Esa Harju, chief of staff of the case, tells Ilta-Sanomat.

According to Harju, the amount of seized material can be considered significant.

So how long was the material and how much was it?

- Among them were ammunition from grenade launchers. In my opinion, it was ammunition during the Second World War, Harju says.

However, he does not tell the exact number of them while the blockage is in its infancy.

What was the suspect going to use them for?

- We have no information about that.

Harju does not comment on the suspect's possible previous criminal background.

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The Defense Forces received official assistance

According to Harju, there has been no similar case in the area of ​​the Lapland Police Department for a few years.

Police received official assistance from the Defense Forces in conducting the search.

- Some of the seized material was explosive and was rendered harmless by the Defense Forces. There was no danger to bystanders from the operation.

A middle-aged local man is suspected of the crimes

According to Harju, the preliminary investigation continues with forensic investigations and interrogations of the seized material as a suspected explosive offense and a serious firearms offense.

The suspect in the crimes is a middle-aged local man.

Harju says that there are still a lot of wartime ammunition and explosives in the soil and water bodies of Lapland.

Police remind everyone that ammunition and explosives found must not be touched or attempted to be moved.

All ammunition and explosive findings must be reported immediately to the police or defense forces. Wartime ammunition and explosives can still be life-threatening for their handler.

Other found items belonging to the armed forces of a state must also be reported to the military authority or the police, unless the items are clearly worthless and insignificant.

Difficult stages of Finnish history

The Lapland War was fought as part of the Second World War between Finland and Germany from 15 September 1944 to 27 April 1945. The war was related to the ceasefire conditions of the Continuation War agreed between Finland and the Soviet Union in 1944. These included the expulsion of German troops from Finland by 15 September 1944. In northern Finland, there were about 213,000 men in the 20th German Mountain Army.