The result of the technology company Vaisala increased in the second quarter despite the decrease in net sales and orders received.

Vaisala's profit before taxes improved in April – June from EUR 6.5 million to EUR 7.0 million. Earnings per share increased from EUR 0.14 to EUR 0.16.

- Vaisala's second quarter was stable and operating profit improved, although the covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic slowdown affected customers and suppliers, says Vaisala's CEO Kjell Forsé in the interim report.

Net sales decreased by five percent to EUR 91.4 million. Of this, operating profit was 7.9 million, compared to EUR 7.2 million at the same time last year.

Orders received decreased from EUR 98 million to approximately EUR 96 million.

Vaisala estimates that the market for weather measurement solutions will remain stable in developed countries, while the negative effects of a pandemic will be significantly greater in developing countries.

Restrictions imposed by governments and authorities are expected by the company to cause delays or interruptions in project and service deliveries worldwide.

Vaisala reiterates its guidance issued in April, according to which the company estimates that net sales in 2020 will be EUR 370–405 million and EBIT operating profit EUR 34–36 million.

Last year, net sales were EUR 403.6 million and operating profit EUR 41.1 million.