EU leaders agreed on Tuesday morning on a historically large corona recovery package and a multi-annual EU budget. Finland estimates that it will receive EUR 3.2 billion from the corona recovery package in 2021–2023 and will pay EUR 6.6 billion from the package in 2021–2058.

After all, that lost result is not. Those who are literate and numerical will find that the number is badly negative. These are huge sums.

The interest rate package is intended to save the economies of the Mediterranean countries in particular. Finland was left with a strange intermediary in the design of the package. The large stimulus package for the Mediterranean countries was opposed by the so-called skimpy quartet i.e. Sweden, Denmark, Austria and the Netherlands. When Germany, known for its economic discipline, was not involved, Finland woke up in the meantime and could not naturally define its position. In the end, Finland followed Germany again, although it was not necessarily in Finland's interest.

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According to forecasts, Finland will recover most slowly from the effects of the coronary crisis in the EU. This is not reflected in the EU's support program, but Finland has become a net contributor of billions.

Proponents of following the German line have justified their position that the success of the German export industry is also in Finland's interest. It may be, but Finland should also look in the mirror. With Finnish support alone, for example, Italy will not be raised. Instead, for our small economy, the downturn is costly. The € 400 million subsidy coming to the countryside is a meager consolation, even though it is a one-of-a-kind consolation prize for a government-aching downtown.

In Finland, Finland's decision also provokes legitimate criticism. Taxation in the Mediterranean countries is lower than in Finland. Especially tax collection. If Finland is again a net contributor, criticism of EU policy is justified.

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EU membership was approved by referendum, no euro membership. In hindsight, it would also have been appropriate to submit the matter to the people, even if it is not part of the current support package. During Paavo Lipponen's (sd) governments, the Finnish mantra was that Finland must be at the heart of the EU. However, the EU has changed since Lipponen's years. There is not much left for a kind student, but EU troublemakers seem to set off the account, partly with Finnish money. As the EU Presidency, Finland demanded the rule of law for EU aid. Insisted: Poland and Hungary are doing well in today's EU. Finland pays.

In his memoirs, Mauno Koivisto wrote that Finland joined the European Union for security policy reasons. Fortunately, this has not yet been tested. In any case, the EU is changing. In Finland, there is a need for a civic debate on whether we are involved in the change or as a driftwood, as was claimed in the wars of the 1940s.