Holiday traffic caused many traffic jams on Dutch roads on Saturday. There is now more than 270 kilometers of traffic jam, which is much more than an average Saturday, says the ANWB in conversation with

A large traffic jam has arisen on the A12 near Arnhem due to Germans going on holiday here. "Due to the coronavirus, there are many more car holidays this year," explains an ANWB spokesperson. "But in addition to foreign tourists, many Dutch people also go on holiday in their own country."

Accidents also play a role. On the A1 between Baarn and Hilversum-Noord, two lanes are closed due to an accident. An accident also happened on the A15 near Nijmegen to Gorinchem.

The ANWB expects traffic jams to persist in the coming hours.

It is very busy on the road due to holiday traffic including # A1, # A12 # N57 and roadworks at Utrecht and The Hague. At 11.45 am no less than 260 kilometers of traffic jam

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