The Dutch Public Prosecution Service (OM) has never "explicitly" asked its Belgian colleagues not to intervene in the missing of two Vietnamese teenagers. The two were later found dead in a refrigerated truck in Essex, UK.

According to the Brussels prosecutor's office, the decision not to intervene was taken in consultation with the Netherlands, writes Het Nieuwsblad .

Earlier this week, Koen Geens, the Belgian Minister of Justice, reported that the Dutch "explicitly" asked not to intervene. also reported on this.

The Brussels OM writes in the press release that there has been extensive contact with the Netherlands about the two teenagers. "The resulting decision not to intervene immediately was deliberately made in consultation between the parties involved and the police."

Two teenagers ran away from Dutch shelter

The two Vietnamese (eighteen and seventeen years old) were found last year by the Dutch authorities in a truck in the Netherlands and then placed in a shelter in Limburg. They walked out of there in early October.

Because there was already a suspicion of human smuggling, the Dutch police decided to follow the two and not to intervene immediately. When the two were seen in Anderlecht in Brussels, the Dutch contacted their Belgian colleagues.

The two Vietnamese victims were later found with 37 other victims in a refrigerator truck in the United Kingdom. They turned out to be victims of a group of smugglers.