Baseball is an important part of Tuomas Holopainen, the lead character of Nightwish, who plays metal music, and the man is a familiar sight in Kitee Rantakentä's auditorium. Holopainen, who closely follows the extracts from Kitee Pallo, praises the species without reservation.

- It combines tact, speed, skill and power in a fascinating way. Baseball is physical chess on a huge game board with problem solving and insights.

- If possible, I go to watch games at Kitee. In the auditorium, it’s great to witness the colorful verbalism of the village hosts, especially if the judges ’judgments are favorable to the opponent.

Holopainen praises the early period of the Crystal Ball.

- It has been the best Kiteetä what I've seen in fifteen years. The game is open-minded and full of young enthusiasm, a good spirit can be felt all the way to the auditorium.

- Bold brand solutions and, even with the last stroke, decent attempts at an empty field are a fresh variation. The team has seams to reach success. If Kitee gets to keep the gang together, it's a wonder if the team doesn't bite medals in the next few years at the latest.

The spark of the Holopainen in the baseball caught fire at a young age, the species took Kitee with him.

- I played baseball until I was a boy as a cop and at number nine. My career, on the other hand, says that its absolute culmination was acting as a ball boy in the Kitee – Kankaanpää bronze match.

Today, Tuomas played a couple of games in the same team with the impressive Toni Kohonen in Kouvola. He also had to humble himself to Kohonen in tennis.

- I vividly remember the nine-class tennis tournament where we were in the finals, that is, the school's number one sports athlete against the clarinet playing an invisible rimmed nerd.

- I led the match well, and I had several match balls, but eventually "Kode" came alongside and passed. I was offered fame and glory, and I went for it. Yes, he dug, Holopainen laughs.

The love for the home team is also reflected in the fact that Nightwish has been a supporter of the club for fifteen years through sponsorship.

- Our sponsor this season is Hannes Pekkinen. Before him we were in support of Hurskainen Top for several years, but he now plays in Joensuu.

In the hotspots of the Holopainen mind, Kitee Pallo's field entry track, KiPa Rally, was also born in 2004.

- There are also two remixes of our old songs in use on the field. However, the original song seems to be the most played.

Holopainen also enthusiastically follows the events of the hockey NHL. Nightwish has witnessed memorable moments on the spot as well.

- The best experience is the Anaheim – Ottawa match in 2007, when Teemu Selänne won the Stanley Cup.

- We were in Los Angeles at the time filming a music video when we received an invitation to the finals. The drop came into the lens when I was able to watch the cheering of 20,000 people from the fence as Selänte lifted the jug into the air.

Nightwish’s music has also been played in a Minnesota Wild commercial.

- It was The Poet And The Pendulum. It undeniably felt great that they wanted to use it.

- By the way, we have visited NHL games at the invitation of more players. In addition, Heikki of Kovalainen invited us to the F1 auditorium, Holopainen opens.

The Nightwish band, led by Holopainen, released "Human.: II: Nature." In April. album. The release hit the midst of a coronavirus epidemic that silenced not only concert venues but also Sports Venues.

- The record company wondered whether the release of the album should be postponed, but they decided to keep the planned schedule, Holopainen says.

- The biggest problem has been the mandatory break from touring. It’s a hard staple for bands, technicians and backing bands, and no one knows for sure about the near future.

Holopainen says that he has mapped the ruts that have accumulated over the years during the coronary avalanche.

- It seemed important to stay active during the quarantine so that nothing like apathy would strike. Renovation, cleaning, raising chilies, jogging, making trellis and writing a book.

- I also created, together with other new Auri disc, it should be ready by the end of the year.

The soul of Nightwish hopes the music caravan will get underway as soon as possible.

- We will definitely start our new album on the run, be it in 2020 or 2021. However, no one knows anything about the rest of the year yet, so we are hearing day and week at a time.