Earnings data are rocking shares on the Helsinki Stock Exchange today. Harvia, Ericsson and the Bank of Åland have risen sharply and Nordea has risen moderately. Wärtsilä, Oriola and Atria, on the other hand, have depreciated. The general index has moved in its readings yesterday.

Prices fell yesterday in the United States and this morning on some Asian stock exchanges. In Europe, the morning began with a gentle rise. The broad European Stoxx 600 index had risen 0.1 percent in the morning.

In Helsinki, the earnings season accelerated and nine companies listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange reported their situation in the second quarter. Later today, Orion, Kone and Cargotec will publish their interim reports.

The general index of the Helsinki Stock Exchange, OMXH, sought direction in the morning and had slipped 0.1 per cent to 9,404.09 points after about an hour of trading. The next most traded company, OMXH25, had fallen by the same amount.

The turnover was EUR 88 million, of which Wärtsilä, which manufactures power plants and marine engines, was EUR 12 million. The company's result fell sharply, but slightly less than expected, and the company still did not assess its outlook. The share had fallen by 1.1 percent.

As the second replacement, the share of network equipment manufacturer Nokia had risen 1.8 percent to EUR 3.77. Yesterday, Nokia's share in the United States ended at $ 4.24, or EUR 3.72.

Nokia's rival, Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson, 's non-recurring earnings rose against expectations and the company maintained its forecast. Ericsson's B share had jumped 8.3 percent.

The banking group Nordea's operating profit fell and fell short of market expectations. The restrictions caused by the pandemic and the turmoil in the market weighed on commission income in particular. Nordea's share had risen 0.5 percent.

The Bank of Åland's result improved, but it does not yet have a public outlook. The Bank of Åland's more traded B share had jumped 5.3 per cent.

The share of the stove company Harvia had risen 13.9 percent. The company announced yesterday after the stock market closed that its revenue and operating profit increased significantly in the second quarter as home improvement and renovation projects increased during the interest rate pandemic.

The result of the water chemistry company Kemira strengthened, contrary to analysts' expectations. However, net sales decreased more than expected. Kemira's share had risen 1.7 percent.

Telecom operator Telia's result continued to decline at the beginning of the year, but the company still expects its operating cash flow to improve this year from last year. The company's share had risen 1.0 percent.

Pharmaceutical distributor Oriola's result was a loss and net sales decreased. The company's CEO Robert Andersson blames the situation for a coronavirus pandemic. Oriola's more traded B share had fallen by 7.8 percent.

The share of the food company Atria had fallen by 3.5 per cent. The company's result improved, but net sales decreased slightly. Atria maintains its assessment of the improvement in operating profit this year.

The share of the communications group Alma Media had risen by 0.9 per cent, although the result weakened and net sales shrank when the interest rate pandemic hit the recruitment business in particular.

The share of the communications group Sanoma had risen by 3.4 per cent. The company said late yesterday that it will sell its classified advertising function, Oikotie, to Swedish Schibsted. The purchase price is EUR 185 million.

Lifting equipment manufacturer Konecranes continued its rise yesterday and the share had climbed 0.6 percent. Yesterday, the company issued guidelines for the rest of the year and announced its preliminary results.

The sales of Kesko's continuing operations increased by ten years in June. Kesko's more traded B share had risen 0.8 per cent.